2022 Rendezvous - Roo in the Blue at Bear Lake Utah


We can't wait to meet new faces and see familiar friends from previous years. We have been improving the experience each time and are always striving to make sure we are doing our very best to make your Rendezvous weekend as enjoyable as possible. Part of the ASDT culture is to make our experiences available for all, and to keep them affordable, so you can return and try new locations. We understand that by keeping these events affordable, every amenity you are wishing to have while camping may not be available, although we do have a ton here at our new location! We will do our very best to make sure you have as many needs possible to keep you smiling.

Now that I purchased my ticket, what next?

Step 1:

Your first step in staying connected to our most updated information would be to join our Facebook Participant group: "ASDT Rendezvous Participant Group" Please click the link below, which will direct you to our personal private page. Ask to join, and make sure you give the name you used when purchasing your ticket, or leave a comment with the name of your friend who purchased your ticket as they are on the master list. This will help us verify you are a participant. We will then approve your request. Some of you may not be on Facebook, and that is okay! We post all the needed information you will need on this page, our Facebook group is filled with fun dialogue and conversations between you, other participants, ASDT's Directors and the incredible Roo Crew that you will come to love and get to know.

Step 2:

Next, please take a moment and fill out our participant survey to help us better assist you. This will give our crew a better idea as well as specific things we might need to know about you for your safety.

Step 3:

Last, please take a moment and fill out our Rendezvous participant waiver that is required for all to sign when joining our events. You will need to have this signed before you can check in and receive your full access wristband and swag bag Friday morning.

Where is Camp Rendezvous?

2000 N Bear Lake Blvd, Garden City, UT 84028
2021 is bringing us to an all new destination and we are very giddy about this venue. We have always wanted a water aspect at our Rendezvous events and this year we are thrilled to be on the beach of Bear Lake all weekend. The John A. Hunt Memorial Scout Camp is nestled among the pine, cottonwood, and maple trees on the west shore of beautiful Bear Lake in Garden City, UT.Tucked neatly amid a grove of cottonwood, river birch, maple, and pine trees on the shores of Bear Lake, Camp Hunt is all about aquatics! Located two miles North of Garden City on the west side of the famous Bear Lake. Renovated facilities include air-conditioned dining hall and indoor showers & restrooms.

What should I expect at Check In?

Thursday 6:00PM - 9:00PM Early Check In *Additional ticket add on*

*Our S'more Social will begin at 7PM allowing plenty of time to set up and enjoy this time.

If you decide to purchase this $20 add-on, you will be able to join a day early, get checked in, set up your camp, and hang with all of us to answer any last minute questions you might have.

  • When you arrive to our location and enter the ASDT Rendezvous base camp at the entrance with the sign that says, "Enter Here", you will be greeted by members of the ASDT Crew. They will direct you to where you can park your vehicle and set up your campsite. There are many areas this year to pitch your tent, we will have it all marked on the pathways. We will have a few wagons to use for convenience, if you wish to bring your own, please do. Once you are all set, you will make your way to the common area where you will officially check in. You may want to bring your chair and a drink as we will be having our S'more Social and welcome message in the common area. You will receive your swag bag, weekend's schedule, participant wristband which is to be worn all weekend, and your event tee. This is a great opportunity to meet other participants that traveled solo and looking for new friends just like you! If you have any last minute questions, this is a perfect time to ask.  

*If you are arriving later Thursday evening, that's okay! We will check you in the following morning. Please make sure we are aware of your late arrival.

Friday 8AM-10 AM MST

If you didn't purchase the $20 add on for our Thursday S'more Social & Early Check in, then regular check in will begin at 8:00am MST Friday, and will end at 10am MST.  

  • When you arrive to our location and enter the ASDT Rendezvous base camp, you will be greeted by members of the ASDT Crew. They will direct you to where you can set up and park your vehicle. Once you are all set, you will make your way to the common area where you will officially check in. You will receive your weekend's schedule, participant wristband which is to be worn all weekend, and your event tee.
  • Set up your gear and meet at our Rendezvous common area no later than 10:00 am which is located at the grass area of camp for our welcome kick off. Please be prepared to start your first activity immediately after kick off. This means, have your hydration packs filled (water spigots are spread out all over camp), snacks packed etc. You will know the activity schedule before you arrive. We will start our first activity promptly at 10am.


When we first started the Rendezvous, we wanted to create an atmosphere that was welcoming to all ability levels. This is done by having activities that all levels and ages can enjoy and feel encouraged while joining, rather than discouraged and frustrated. AndShesDopeToo believes in creating the best first experience possible when trying a new outdoor sport. If you enjoy yourself the first time, you're more than likely to step into that space a second time. We will be taking advantage of the beautiful lake we have for our use and having the majority of activities right here at Camp Rendezvous. We will be offering a wide range of round the clock activities that are open for anyone to join whether you begin at the start, or jump in half way, and activities that will need for you to sign up prior. These specific activities will have scheduled times all throughout camp. Please be patient as we are still gathering information.


Enjoy a wake up morning flow to start your day off right, and end the evening with a relaxing restore to give your body an enjoyable stretch before you conclude the day and prepare for another round the following day!

Creative Corner

Many participants look forward to this down time activity to meet new friends, create sun art mailing cards or beautiful Mandala rock art which we provide supplies for or simply bring your personal creativity and participate along with us.


Enjoy different topics throughout the weekend with how to, wellness, and educational works that will teach you new skills, invite healthy conversations, and inspire you!

Limber Pine Trail Nature Walk
& Trail Runs

Limber Pine Trail is found 10 min from camp off of the Sunrise Campground. Expect beautiful scenery and a workshop on this trail. Nature Walks will consist of journaling, animal info topics, flower essences, and many other interesting subjects. Our Trail run will be for all levels. This is a perfect opportunity to run a short distance for the sunset or mid day heart pump!

SUP - Intro to Paddle Board

Intro to Paddle Boarding will teach you form and how to correctly use your paddle without straining your shoulder & arm. This will be a 1hr class. Please bring your own SUP and meet at the Beach!

Roo in the Blue Add On's

These activities are created for all at a small additional charge. This is on top of the many activities that are included already with your ticket. These are optional.

MTB Clinic

Join ASDT Crew member Adrianne Adams as she teaches 2 groups of skills sets. One for beginners and the other for intermediate. We will hold the beginner MTB clinic at camp and take the Intermediate group on trail to Beaver Mountain.. Each group will hold up to 12 participants. You will need your own bike, helmet and appropriate shoes for this add on.

Beginner Clinic - At Camp  Saturday 8AM-10AM $25

Intermediate Group Ride - Beaver Mtn Saturday 10AM - 12pM $25

Bridgerland Adventure Park Ropes Course

This is going to be an incredible experience for all to join in on. We will leave camp at 9:45AM as a large group. We have 4 hours to be on this obstacle course. If you would like to join us later in this time block, that is completely fine! Please note that it takes around 2hrs to complete all 4 levels of the obstacle. We hope to be able to car pool with each other and have multiple cars going back and forth to bring participants to and from the location.

Friday 10AM - 2PM

2 Levels - $12

4 Levels - $24

* You will pay at the Adventure Park in case you are wanting to add any additional activities*

* It's okay if you go over your time limit in your designated time slot. We just need to get an estimate of how many women are going to be at Bridgerland Adventure Park.

pARTy Mobile

This activity has been a wild success for the past few years as guest artist Ericka Rountree joins us and teaches you how to paint beautiful landscapes on canvas by following a step by step workshop. Click on the date and time you wish to reserve your class.

Sign up dates & times will become available closer to your event.

SUP Yoga

This class is open to all levels of yogis and paddlers! There are plenty of modifications so you never even have to stand up if you aren't ready for it! There's always a chance to fall in, but that is part of the fun and the experience! Getting back on the boards can be easier than you think and I am always there to help! SUP yoga is like no other and offers a totally new perspective into your mind and body. Hope to see you on the water!

Rendezvous Schedule of Events

We will post the schedule as we get closer to your event

ASDT Store

We will have our stock of ASDT apparel available for our participants to purchase. Please know that we can't guarantee our card readers will be online. Please prepare ahead of time if you wish to purchase with cash. Our store will be open during check in, each evening during dinner and during breakfast on Sunday morning. All of our items will be $10, $25 & $30

Daily Rise Coffee

Organic Wilderness Blend: This Fairtrade Organic blend has been our house drip coffee for years. It is made up of our light roasted Papua New Guinea (bright and caramelly) and it has a hint of our French roasted Peru that adds some serious body.

Decaf Espresso Blend: For those naturally energized in the am and are looking for decaf... we will have this sweet blend that we use for our decaf espresso shots. It is so delicious brewed into your favorite drip coffee too!

There will be an array of tea sachets for you tea lovers! Both Caffeinated and Decaf options will be available! ON TAP- they will have their organic  Daily Rise Cold Brew and some refreshing ICE TEA on tap to help you "Caffeinate and Recreate"!! Our teas we are brewing up fresh this week will be sure to be cold and REFRESHING for this upcoming weekend of sunshine! I will have reusable mugs to sell for $30 that you can fill and refill and refill (haha) all weekend, OR bring the one you got from the past ASDT Rendezvous and you can refill for the weekend for $15.

Be S'more Social

This S'more Social under the stars is perfect for those who are arriving solo and want to meet others doing the same, for those traveling who want to arrive a day early and those who are flying in. This is a $20 add on that will allow for participants to arrive with plenty of time to set up their campsite worry free of rushing to their next activity. We will have a meet and greet with the Rendezvous Crew to answer any last minute questions participants may have regarding the weekend.

How many women come by themselves?

More than half of the participants come by themselves. If you are feeling uneasy because you don't know anyone, please rest assured that you will have an incredible experience whether you are solo or coming with friends. The Rendezvous create a welcoming space to explore and adventure with other outdoor-loving women.
What is the average age of the participant?

We have a range of ages from 21 to 66. The average age is 24 to 39. The magic of ASDT events is how adventure connects participants on a soulful level, regardless of age.

Can I bring my dog?

As much as we love our fur babies, they will need to sit this weekend out. If we allowed for participants to bring their dogs, it would turn into a dog camp! Please be respectful of this. If you bring your dog, we will dishearteningly turn you away.


Which airport should I fly into?
  • Salt Lake City, UT : is a 2.5 hour drive to Garden City, UT
Will someone be there to pick me up at the airport or do I need to arrange my own transportation to our meeting point?
Please arrange your own transportation to the Rendezvous. Please see the below answer for connecting with other participants for carpooling. Many carpools come to and from the airports. It isn't un common to link up and rent a car together or join the carpool link and arrange to meet.
Would it be possible to carpool with other participants? How can I get their information?

Yes! If you are interested in carpooling, we will have a link. However, due to the many changes of our Health Dept, we encourage you to double check with your driver and where everyone will be traveling from to ensure the safety of you and others.

When does the Rendezvous start and when does it end?
If you purchase the early check in add on, Plan on being with us Thursday evening starting at 6:00 PM , if not, regular check in is Friday at 8 AM and the Rendezvous will conclude 12PM on Sunday.
How far will our cars be from camp?
Depending on where you park your car, there are two designated areas to park. Because of the small space, we will be triple parking cars which means you won't have access to leave as much as you would like. We are right in Garden City which means you may bring your bike to get around town and back to camp. We highly recommend you doing so. We will have vehicles available to take participants to the off site activities.
Can I bring an RV, Trailer, or Tent trailer?
In past years we have let participants bring these rigs. However, do to the small parking space, we are not having those in 2021. Majority of participants will be camping in tents on platforms. If you are wanting to sleep in your van, or truck, we highly recommend roof top tents. If you would like to contact our Rendezvous Director, please send an email to Jenn@andshesdopetoo.com for availability. We will designate a handful for those.
Will there be bathrooms and showers available?
Yes! Our basecamp has all new remodeled indoor bathrooms and shower stalls. Just because we are all playing in the outdoors, doesn't mean you have to smell like them if you don't want. There are plenty of hot showers and flushing toilets for use all weekend long.
Is there a place for power?
Yes! In our lodge, there are plenty of outlets to use at your own risk. If it's open, you may use it.
Can I bring my own SUP if I have one?
Yes! You may absolutely bring your own SUP/Kayak to use all weekend. We have our own beach and access to the lake all weekend.
What will the tent city be like?
In the past we have had large fields for everyone to sleep at for our Tent City. For 2021, we will have participants in smaller groups spread throughout the entire basecamp. There are plenty of trees and shade for not just privacy but hammocks to hang. Each area will have a table to use, you may bring your own if you would like.



What Gear do I need for each activity?

Trail Run - Water, comfortable running shoes, hat (preference)

Hiking - Water, hydration pack/backpack, snacks, hat (preference)

Yoga & Workshops - Journal,Yoga Mat and if you don't have one, just throw down a towel!

Creative Corner - If you would like to bring your own creative works, journal, water colors, we will have everything to paint mandalas, all you need to bring is a smooth rock you find!

Mountain Biking Clinic - We will have a specific mountain bike email that goes out to cover your questions


Gear: Tent | sleeping pad/mattress | sleeping bag | Headlamp/flashlight | Clothes for activities you wish to participate in | Water hydration pak/water bottle | Bathing suit & Beach Towel | Beach umbrella & sun protective clothing (optional), water shoes to wear around the beach, it has a lot of shells | WARM clothes for night and early morning | Journal | Lots of Sunscreen & Sunglasses | Female products/Toiletries | Yoga Mat | Waterproof jacket so you can still play in the rain if needed | Camping Chair | Bug Spray | Garbage bag for your items.

Food: All participants are responsible for their breakfast and lunches throughout the weekend unless you purchased the meal ticket. Coolers are recommended. Friday & Sat Dinner & Drinks are provided. *There will be Vegan/ GF options for each evening*

If you do choose to bring alcohol, We ask that you are responsible and have respect for everyone around you. The Boy Scouts have a no alcohol policy so we trust that each participant will be respectful. We won't go around checking your cups, so please don't give us or them a reason to. Please be courteous and mindful of each and everyone's experience this weekend.


Each morning, you will see a white board under the double teal ASDT tent that we will update it if there are changes to the schedule or participant cancellations for an activity creating open spots. We will update it as frequently as we can. Please make sure you arrive 15 min early for the scheduled activity you wish to join to ensure you get there in time. If you have any questions, please ask a Roo Crew member.


We are so happy that restrictions have been lifted to give us the opportunity to carpool to a few of our activities. Many women come solo and being able to share time in the car to and from activities allows for new friendships to form and lots of laughter to happen.


If you are missing any items, please check the lost and found bin at the double tent in the common area. If you are still missing things, please send an email to Jenn@AndShesDopeToo.com with the description as we may find them as we clean up camp and pack out on Sunday.


There is fresh drinking water throughout camp that can be found at each campsite, at the lodge, and at the beach.  


We have 4 Bathroom/Shower buildings available to us during the weekend. Each has private stalls with flushing toilets' and multiple showers for us to use. Please bring your own Bath Towel and shower shoes. We ask that every person who uses the bathroom showers, please pick up all your items and fallen hair after your use. If we all take 30 seconds after we use the showers and bathrooms, we can leave it clean for the next person.

DO NOT PLACE ANYTHING IN TOILETS OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER; NO PAPER TOWELS, HAND WIPES, or FEMININE SANITARY PRODUCTS. Due to Board of Health Regulations, the washing of dishes are prohibited in the restrooms. Please wash them outside under a spigot.

Upon arrival we ask that you watch for any signs or symptoms of being sick such as fever, chills, cough, trouble breathing, or others. Additionally if anyone is feeling ill, has a fever, or other symptoms we need to be notified right away.

We have large dumpsters at the front of the property which can handle trash bags. Please ask all participants to be very mindful of micro trash and ensure that it makes it into a trash can. We always want to leave our campsites better than how we found it.


Any tents/hammocks that are set up need to be firmly anchored in the ground. If there is windy weather while you are here you will need to take down all large shade tents and put away light chairs as they will be blown away. The wind can be quite strong here.

As of today, fires are not allowed at Camp Hunt. Please think about the meals you will be cooking if this is still mandated when we arrive.

In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911. If you need emergency assistance with something concerning the park grounds please contact Jenn at 801-510-2905 or the Camp Host Brian Simmons at the Camp Host Cabin.

Trees, and the shade they provide, are an integral part of an enjoyable experience. However, healthy and well-maintained trees pose a natural hazard of falling debris, such as leaves and branches, especially during windy and/or extreme weather conditions. We do not assume responsibility for these natural hazards or for any property damage, injury or other circumstances that may result. Please take this into consideration when setting up your tents/hammocks. Damage to any of your personal gear because of this, will be the responsibility of the participant.


You will find our ASDT apparel for sale under the double tent during check in and dinners. Please remember that we take both CASH & CARD. Although, we can't guarantee the Wi-Fi and hot spot to work, so cash would be best. You can find ASDT hats, beanies, tanks, shirts, and much more.


We will be choosing multiple winners Saturday night for an opportunity to win some awesome swag from our giveaway sponsors. Each participant will already have a raffle ticket placed in our bin. You can only win once. This is just a little something extra to say thank you for coming to the Roo!



We are fortunate to hear from our very own ASDT Crew this year, and members of our team. We are looking forward to sharing some very special moments and also bring in some participants who would like to share something that fits the theme of our evening. You won't want to miss this part of the Roo.


Enjoy some downtime to explore your personal creativity, create beautiful Mandala rock art & Sun Art (which we provide supplies for), meet new friends or just hang. Come and go as you please.

Garden City is a small town on the Utah/ Idaho border along the beautiful Bear Lake, nicknamed the "Caribbean of the Rockies."

Grocery Store

Mikes Market

485 N Bear Lake Blvd #9718, Garden City, UT 84028


Gas Station


604 W Logan Rd, Garden City, UT 84028


Emergency Room

Montpelier Idaho Emergency Room

164 South 5th St. Montpelier Id 83254


35 min Dr.


Logan Regional Hospital Emergency (More Emergency services)

500 E 1400 N, Logan, UT 84341

53 min Dr.


It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their Rendezvous trip, but unexpected things do happen, and we want all of our participants to be aware of our policies before making a purchase.


Any cancellation by a participant must be made in writing (via email) and be acknowledged by ASDT in writing (via email). Immediately after written confirmation of cancellation the spot on the trip will be released and not guaranteed to be available for re-booking.

  • We do not issue financial refunds for any Rendezvous or Retreat ticket holders for any reason. We will be offering trip vouchers in credits for your ticket. It is up to you to purchase trip insurance to cover any losses of flights, rental cars, travel expenses, loss of income, etc.

  • Travel insurance is recommended for all our participants and should be taken out at the time of booking. Your travel insurance should provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation. We also strongly recommend it covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and personal effects.

  • Credits are valid for the year of the original trip and the next calendar year.
  • All credits must be applied to the new trip booking balance by Dec 31 in the year following the originally booked trip date or your voucher will be voided.
  • Credit may be transferred to another participant. You may find another woman to take your spot. She pays you directly and assumes responsibility for any outstanding balance payments on said ticket. The replacement participant must be approved to join the trip by ASDT.
  • Credit may only be transferred once. If the credit is applied to another booking which is again cancelled by the Client, the credit is forfeited.


Note: If you have booked a Rendezvous or Retreat that is cancelled due to Force Majeure (including the COVID-19 pandemic or any pandemic) you will receive a full 100% credit to use towards an alternative event with the same value with a date in the current or next calendar year. This travel credit will be automatically applied to your reservation. No financial refunds will be issued for any reason.

ASDT reserves the right to cancel any trip for any reason, but will rarely cancel a Rendezvous or Retreat less than 90 days before the event date except for Force Majeure, unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside the ASDT’S control. We may cancel a trip at any time prior to the event if, due to terrorism, natural disasters, political instability, health pandemics, or other external events it is not viable for us to operate the planned itinerary. In circumstances where the cancellation is due to external events outside our reasonable control refunds will be less any unrecoverable costs.

When an event is cancelled by ASDT before the date of said event for any reason other than Force Majeure or the fault of the participant, the participant can either:

  1. Take a substitute Rendezvous or Retreat of equivalent price if ASDT is able and willing to offer such a substitute
  2. Take a substitute Rendezvous or Retreat of lower price if ASDT is able and willing to offer one and to use the remaining balance as credit to another trip.
  3. Receive a full refund.

ASDT is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the participant may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or rail, non-refundable car rentals or other fees, loss of earnings, or loss of enjoyment, etc.

If the participant is offered a refund but requests an alternative tour of a higher value than that originally booked, then the participant must pay the difference in price.

Where after Retreat begins, a significant element of the trip contracted for cannot be provided, ASDT will make suitable alternative arrangements for the continuation of the Retreat. If it is not possible to provide a suitable alternative or the participant reasonably rejects any suitable alternatives, ASDT will provide the participant a refund of unused retreats portions. Significant alterations do not include the substitution of a car/flight, modification of itineraries, change in cabin category or hotel accommodation.

*ASDT Official INC, has the right to change this policy at any time, for any reason.

Each participant is responsible for their own food and drinks through out the weekend. There is a kitchen with ice, microwave, water, for you to have access to.


Please be prepared to join in our carpool host cars. We ask that each participant washes their hands and wears their ASDT buff or face mask of choice to cover themselves in the vehicles while en route. We will sanitize each car before the next group arrives. We also are okay if you choose to drive your own vehicle and follow behind.

If you are needing outdoor rentals for camping, bikes, SUP, please look into the Utah State Outdoor Program as they have really affordable weekend rentals and their campus is on the way to Camp Rendezvous! This would eliminate bringing gear on the plane and being able to just rent items you may have had to purchase.


Contact Info

Phone: 435-797-3264

Email: ORP@usu.edu


Yipee Kayak Utah - SUP & Kayak Rentals at Camp Rendezvous

Details TBA