*Please refer to our New ASDT Cancellation policy before purchasing*

ASDT specializes in bringing women together in beautiful locations to connect, bond and edify one another at outdoor events and activities led by local trained and certified ladies. We have built a community of women seeking friendship and adventure. Refresh your mind, body, and soul in a loving, ego-free environment at our women’s outdoor adventures.

We gather together as a unique and cultured group of women to enjoy all that is sisterhood in the beautiful outdoors. Our Rendezvous are scheduled on weekends and consist of three days and two nights of camping. During the day, ladies choose between many different types of rewarding outdoor activities. When the sun goes down, we continue to play as we all gather to hear inspirational fireside speakers, shake it out during the Rendezvous disco, and of course strengthen old friendships and make some new, long-lasting friendships. It’s an all-out adventure vacation for women.

Who Attends

We developed an environment that all women will enjoy being a part of. Many times, women want to come to an outdoor adventure weekend, but may feel uncomfortable with their ability level. Here at the ASDT Rendezvous, we encourage everyone from the new outdoor adventure seeker to the seasoned athlete. We’re all about hosting a fun weekend that is not focused on competition. Our participants range from 21 years old to women in their 60’s. This weekend is for anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors, try new activities, and meet women from all over the country who, too, are seeking adventure. Our culture thrives because we don't focus on the things society uses to separate us. We come together to encourage those who are climbing for the first time, those who are stepping onto a yoga mat for the first time, and those who are professional athletes wanting a break from competition.

Women experience, sometimes for the first time, what a healthy group of empowering women can feel like, when we don't focus on everyone's differences, ability levels, political values, and just focus on being women who want to explore the outdoors and be our beautiful, genuine selves. We invite those who want to share, learn, and explore these beautiful lands without the pressure of trying to keep up or fit in. ASDT Rendezvous allow you to relax and just be you.

What happens at a Rendezvous?

Our Rendezvous are women’s outdoor adventure trips. Each ASDT Rendezvous has a core group of daily outdoor activities we host. Choose from yoga, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, SUP, painting classes at the Creative Corner, Wellness Workshops, and Rock Climbing, Rappelling and Nature Workshops. Except for the rare occasions in which we note otherwise, our activities are open to all ability levels. We want anyone who wishes to try something new to feel empowered and encouraged. See more activity details for our women’s weekend getaway below. The activities are scheduled after the Rendezvous ticket is purchased.

Sometimes it's hard to take time off from the responsibilities of life. We each have our busy schedules, jobs, family, and personal goals that take priority. But what if you could take one day off of work and make it to a weekend retreat — a retreat filled with activities that cater to all and allow you to explore new, majestic destinations?

How are we different?

AndShesDopeToo has taken all of the feedback over the years and have read each comment from past participants and feel so proud to be able to create this event that truly captures the desires of our participant. We understand that in order to keep this event affordable, we had to be careful in selecting which amenities to keep, which to improve, and which to add over the course of the 3 days. We want each participant to arrive feeling 100% ready for an adventure packed weekend. Each participant will leave having more confidence in themselves and 200 new friendships from women from all over the country. This is our way to say Thank you for the years of support. We have added new activities, and re-arranged our schedule to make every minute count while you're here with us. For those who have joined us in the past, you will be glad you came again, and for all of the new participants joining us for the first time, get ready, this is our best Roo yet!


Hiking is an activity that is approachable for every ability level. We offer a variety of women’s hiking trips throughout each Rendezvous that are as short as two hours round trip and up to four hours round trip. There are hikes with zero elevation changes, as well as opportunities to complete more intermediate, and even strenuous hikes. This allows participants to choose their time commitments and to have the flexibility to wander the landscape as much or as little as they would like.


Our tent city is created with our participants in mind. We have many areas at our Rendezvous that is designed for community camping. Grouping our participants together in multiple places allows for many of us to talk, laugh, and share the warmth from flickering campfires. By sharing a central area, we connect with those we normally wouldn't if we were separated. Our participants appreciate being together and having endless neighbors to chat with!


We start and finish each day with a relaxing Vinyasa flow and restore for all to enjoy. We encourage women who would like to participate to bring their yoga mat, beach towel, blanket, or anything they have to lay on the ground to join us. No experience is necessary. Our certified instructors prepare flows suitable to brand new yogis in the crowd. And if you practice yoga regularly, our flow is designed for you to enjoy this time as well.

Mountain Biking

*Requires an additional MTB add on ticket*

Mountain biking can be absolutely intimidating to those who have never tried it. Or, if you have attempted mountain biking previously, you may have been taught incorrectly. We offer mini clinics at camp that you can bring your bike to that our coaches will go over MTB 101 instruction. This activity is only available through an additional ticket. It is not offered to everyone who purchases a Rendezvous ticket, as a lot of preparation and time goes into your safety, and ensuring you are in the correct ability level group. More details on our women’s mountain biking are given to our paid participants.

Creative Corner

We love having a time at camp that allows for participants to be in a relaxed setting, having great conversation getting to know one another. This time isn't just for painting. We open this time up for anyone who is interested in bringing their choice of creativity to the group for fun conversation and laughs! This is a favorite for all!


One of our favorite activities we offer are the at camp workshops we have scheduled throughout the day. Any of these workshops are available for all to pull up a chair and participate in. We have topics from Backpacking 101, Creative Writing, Learning about thru hiking, backcountry cooking, the story behind ASDT and so many other topics! It's the perfect excuse to join if you are needing to kill time in between activities, or simply taking a break for lunch to meet other participants and join the conversation. Each Rendezvous will have different workshops.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

* Not every Rendezvous *

SUP has become a hit over the years. We offer open paddle boarding at our Rendezvous for those women who love to be on the water. We are fortunate to have access to Bear Lake right at camp and excited to continue the adventure down the Colorado River!

Nature Walks & Talks

These are some really fun and informative round tables we hold at each Rendezvous. It is important for you to be familiar with the areas you will explore. We have a highly experienced instructor who leads mini workshops all about the flora and fauna, animals in the area, Leave No Trace, and how to enjoy yourself and respect the natural living things that make this world so beautiful. We are happy to have these popular workshops available for our participants.

Climbing & Bouldering

Climbing doesn't have to be intimidating. Let our guides show you all about this sport and how at any level, you can have a very great experience. We have many women come to our clinics to learn the very bascis of this sport. This activity will be on the Moab schedule.

S'more Social & Early Thursday Check In

This S'more Social under the stars is perfect for those who are arriving into Camp Rendezvous and would like to avoid the stress of arriving and setting up before the busy early Friday morning check in. This is a great opportunity for those traveling into camp and would like to arrive a day early to be completely set up and begin meeting new friends. More than half of our participants attend our events solo, they really like this time to meet a few friendly faces before the event begins.

We will have a meet and greet with the Rendezvous Crew to answer any last minute questions participants may have regarding the weekend.

Our Rendezvous are a weekend getaway for women. Please reach out for any questions you may have.  

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How many women come by themselves?
More than half of the participants come by themselves. If you are feeling uneasy because you don't know anyone, please rest assured that you will have an incredible experience whether you are solo or coming with friends. The Rendezvous create a welcoming space to explore and adventure with other outdoor-loving women.
What is the average age of the participant?

We have a range of ages from 21 to 66. The average age is 24 to 39. The magic of ASDT events is how adventure connects participants on a soulful level, regardless of age.

Can I bring my dog?

As much as we love our fur babies, they will need to sit this weekend out. If we allowed for participants to bring their dogs, it would turn into a dog camp! Please be respectful of this. If you bring your dog, we will dishearteningly turn you away.

Which airport should I fly into?
  • Salt Lake City, UT : is a 2.5 hr drive to Garden City, Utah (Bear Lake)
  • Grand Junction, CO: is a 1hr 40 min drive to Moab, UT
Will someone be there to pick me up at the airport or do I need to arrange my own transportation to our meeting point?
Please arrange your own transportation to the Rendezvous. Please see the below answer for connecting with other participants for carpooling. Many carpools come to and from the airports. It isn't un common to link up and rent a car together or join the carpool link and arrange to meet.
Would it be possible to carpool with other participants? How can I get their information?

Absolutely! After you purchase your Rendezvous ticket, participants will be connected with each other before the Rendezvous through our private Rendezvous Facebook group. We also have a carpool link for those who want to be a host car or need to join a car in their area. Many participants who drive solo will be able to pick up or drop off along the way.

How old do you have to be to attend an ASDT Rendezvous?
Each participant needs to be at least 21yrs old.
When does the Rendezvous start and when does it end?
If you purchase the early check in add on, Plan on being with us Thursday the evening of your Rendezvous date starting at 6:30 PM , if not, regular check in is Friday 8 AM-10AM. We must be cleaned up and checked out at 12pm. Continue the fun with activities in Garden City/Moab with new friends for the remainder of the day. Adventure into town for their worlds famous Raspberry Shakes or World Class Trails!
How far will our cars be from camp?
Depending on where you park your car, there are two designated areas to park. Because of the small space, we will be triple parking cars which means you won't have access to leave as much as you would like. We are right in Garden City/Moab which means you may bring your bike to get around town and back to camp. We highly recommend you doing so. We will have vehicles available to take participants to the off site activities.
Can I bring an RV, Trailer, or Tent trailer?
In past years we have let participants bring these rigs. However, do to the small parking space, we are not having those in 2022. Majority of participants will be camping in tents. If you are wanting to sleep in your van, or truck, we highly recommend roof top tents. If you would like to contact our Rendezvous Director, please send an email to for availability. We will designate a handful for those.
Will there be bathrooms and showers available?
Yes! Our basecamp has all new remodeled indoor bathrooms and shower stalls. Just because we are all playing in the outdoors, doesn't mean you have to smell like them if you don't want. There are plenty of hot showers and flushing toilets for use all weekend long.
Is there a place for power?
Yes! In our lodge, there are plenty of outlets to use at your own risk. If it's open, you may use it.
Can I bring my own SUP if I have one?
Yes! You may absolutely bring your own SUP/Kayak to use all weekend. We have our own beach and access to the lake all weekend.
What will the tent city be like?
In the past we have had large fields for everyone to sleep at for our Tent City. For Bear Lake, we will have participants in smaller groups spread throughout the entire basecamp. There are plenty of trees and shade for not just privacy but hammocks to hang. Each area will have a table to use, you may bring your own if you would like. For Moab, we will have large areas and smaller areas for camping.

cancellation & transfer POLICY



It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their Rendezvous trip, but unexpected things do happen, and we want all of our participants to be aware of our policies before making a purchase.


Any cancellation by a participant must be made in writing (via email) to and be acknowledged by ASDT in writing (via email). Immediately after written confirmation of cancellation the spot on the trip will be released and not guaranteed to be available for re-booking.

If you fail to communicate your absence, become a no show for the event, you forfeit your ticket entirely and are not able to use it for future events.
  • We do not issue financial refunds for any Rendezvous or Retreat ticket holders for any reason. It is up to you to purchase trip insurance to cover any losses of flights, rental cars, travel expenses, loss of income, etc.

  • Travel insurance is recommended for all our participants and should be taken out at the time of booking. Your travel insurance should provide cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation. We also strongly recommend it covers cancellation, curtailment, personal liability and loss of luggage and personal effects.

  • If you find yourself needing to transfer your ticket because the date no longer works for you, there will be a $45 non-refundable transfer fee each time.
  • All credits must be applied by Dec 31 in the year following the originally booked trip date or your ticket will be voided.
  • You may find another woman to take your spot. Original Trip date may be transferred to another participant no more than 21 days before time of event as headcounts will already be turned in for logistics. She pays you directly and assumes responsibility for any outstanding balance payments on said ticket. The replacement participant must be approved to join the trip by ASDT.
  • Tickets may only be transferred once. If the credit is applied to another booking which is again cancelled by the Client, the credit is forfeited entirely.


Note: If you have booked a Rendezvous or Retreat that is cancelled due to Force Majeure (including the COVID-19 pandemic or any pandemic) you will receive a full 100% credit to use towards an alternative event with the same value with a date in the current or next calendar year. This travel credit will be automatically applied to your reservation. No financial refunds will be issued for any reason.

ASDT reserves the right to cancel any trip for any reason, but will rarely cancel a Rendezvous or Retreat less than 90 days before the event date except for Force Majeure, unusual or unforeseen circumstances outside the ASDT’S control. We may cancel a trip at any time prior to the event if, due to terrorism, natural disasters, Forced mandates of outside tourism, political instability, health pandemics, or other external events it is not viable for us to operate the planned itinerary. In circumstances where the cancellation is due to external events outside our reasonable control refunds will be less any unrecoverable costs.

When an event is cancelled by ASDT before the date of said event for any reason other than Force Majeure or the fault of the participant, the participant can either:

  1. Take a substitute Rendezvous or Retreat of equivalent price if ASDT is able and willing to offer such a substitute
  2. Take a substitute Rendezvous or Retreat of lower price if ASDT is able and willing to offer one and to use the remaining balance as credit to another trip

ASDT is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the participant may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or rail, non-refundable car rentals or other fees, loss of earnings, or loss of enjoyment, etc.

Where after ASDT Event begins, a significant element of the trip contracted for cannot be provided, ASDT will make suitable alternative arrangements for the continuation of the Retreat. If it is not possible to provide a suitable alternative or the participant reasonably rejects any suitable alternatives, ASDT will provide the participant a voucher of the amount of that specific activity on designated trip, to be used for future ASDT events. Significant alterations do not include the substitution of a car/flight, modification of itineraries, change in cabin category or hotel accommodation.

*ASDT Official INC, has the right to change this policy at any time, for any reason. We will send out a notice each time a change has been made*
Updated 9/7/2021

It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their Rendezvous trip, but unexpected things do happen, and we want all of our participants to be aware of our policies before making a purchase.

General Packing List:


  • Tent - We do have participants who look for tent roomies if you are needing to bunk with new friends, please let us know if you need a tent mate
  • Sleeping pad or mattress
  • Sleeping bag/extra blanket (it will be chilly at night)
  • Headlamp/flashlight
  • WARM clothes for night and early morning.
  • Swim Suit & Towel
  • Cozy socks/boots for the evening (optional)
  • Clothes for activities you wish to participate in (hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, SUP, etc.)
  • Waterproof jacket so you can play in the rain if needed or poncho
  • Water hydration pack/water bottle: We do have fresh water at camp
  • Towel & Toiletries - We do have showers on site
  • Camping chair
  • Yoga mat (optional)
  • Sunscreen/Bug Spray
  • Garbage bag for your items
  • Water toys (SUP, Kayak, Floating device)

If you would like to gift this experience to a woman in your life that is looking for an adventure-filled weekend with 200 other like minded women, we are happy to make any arrangements to the ticket after you tell her. Any name and email on the confirmation can be easily changed prior to arrival. We have had plenty of people do this over the years and it is so fun to hear the excitement of the new participants who join us as a surprise! The Rendezvous makes for great Christmas, Mothers Day, Birthday gifts.


Each participant is responsible for their meals during the weekend. In the past we have had full meal tickets provided. This year, we have decided to have a common area kitchen available to help participants learn how simple camp cooking can be. We will be close to town and grocery stores for any food/drink needs. Details to come.