AndShesDopeToo is a world-wide adventure collective of women. We believe in the strength of community and in the power that nature has to heal us all. Our mission is to connect people and planet with perspective and purpose -to empower and support women everywhere, to protect our beautiful earth. 
You know that feeling you get when you look into a campfire and see the bright orange and yellow embers that seem to dance within the flames? It is so easy to find ones self entranced by the beautiful sight. You feel at ease and free of anything uncomfortable or stressful in that moment. A campfire has a magical energy about it that comforts and embraces all who enjoy it’s company.
Here at ASDT, we have gathered together a community of women who invoke those same comforting, embracing, and magical feelings that the campfire provides. From day one our goal has been to completely strip away any feelings of the compare-and-compete culture that is so prevalent in our media and world today. We encourage all women from every walk of life and of every ability level to get out with us. We want women to come feeling 100% comfortable in their own skin as we provide them the opportunities to try new and exciting things. We understand that in today’s culture, everyone is busy.  There are always meetings, games, work, family commitments, responsibilities, and of course, all of the unwanted drama that comes into our lives at the worst possible times. We also understand that we have all gone through something difficult - the breaks, the break-ups, the loss of a job, the loss of a loved one. The fights, the flat tires, dating and of course parenting. lol
ASDT helps women break through the stresses and trials of everyday life by creating long-lasting friendships and unforgettable experiences.
Our community is full of everyday, relate able women. We encourage women to break out of their comfort zones and put themselves first!  When you come to one of our meetups, retreats, or rendezvous, you are always greeted and accepted with real talk from real people. Our only agenda is to create a safe place for you to try new outdoor activities with other amazing women! We understand that as adult women, we often times are not confident in trying new things. You might be 30 years old and have never stepped foot on a yoga mat. Who cares? Have you ever wanted to check out some trails in your area but you are afraid to go alone? Have you ever wanted to try rock climbing but you don’t want to go into the gym with the “newbie” label on your forehead? If so, come check out the trails and and all the above with us! We embrace the newbie, and chances are, we will learn something from you as well!
We strive to create a strong, healthy, positive environment, so that any woman who wants to come and attend anything ASDT, will walk away feeling taller, stronger, and more confident in themselves. We want all participants to feel that campfire magic, and from what we've heard from countless ladies who have attended, that's exactly what is experienced at our events and gatherings.
“At the time of my attending the ASDT Rendezvous, I was in the midst of signing contracts to move my practice from one town to another, a 2 year dream I have had, with many attempts and disappointments in the interim.  I am single, a lot is on me every day.  There is always family, but having a significant other is sometimes I feel a "pipe dream."  I am active, hard-working, sane, and love life.  I chalk it up to "I am still learning and finding my way."  However, after a weekend with ASDT I found myself surrounded by such amazing women like Rachel, Natalie, Jenn, and so many more, that I came back and got myself together. Within one week, I signed contracts to my new office, I also started a SUP group for women and children in my area, and I became more clear and on purpose of my own life's journey regardless of my fears and trepidations.  I felt I was just "on fire" from a weekend of amazing women who inspired me to be the person I have envisioned myself to be.
Thank you ASDT gals – Dina
Jennifer and Taylor Killian have always been drawn to those deep campfire exchanges. Those conversations that go something like, "when we have this, we'll do that!" Saying so many times at the end of those heavy, passionate chats, "what if?" And, "If only!" Those conversations that end up stirring our big scary dreams. The kind that we all want to run after when the mood is right, but think it is too hard to actually achieve once the mood has passed. -The creation of ASDT is their dream, and they went for it! They didn’t wait for a convenient time in their lives, or when their kids were grown up and out of the house. They didn't wait till they had enough capital or right investors on hand. They did it organically, and started ASDT with zero financial backing and as a true grassroots endeavor. They said, “Why not, why wait? Let’s build and create this community now.” With the help of their partner Rachel Pohl, they started out by creating a clothing line to help support their all woman events, as well as to support the actual organizations and causes they stand behind. ASDT has an all-star group of ambassadors who organize and lead meet-ups in many different areas, guide our retreats, and truly stand as a force behind our Image. Our ambassadors each have phenomenal journeys and experiences that have led them to love the outdoors and find true confidence in themselves. We believe women are powerful and when they work to grow with one another and strengthen self-worth instead of tear it apart, all the beautiful things can happen!
“I truly feel like I'd never be where I am in my life confident wise, or be doing the things I do now if ASDT had never entered my life. I love running trails now, I love camping, I love going to the climbing meetups. I love trying new things with other women who have never done the activity before, learning from women who are willing to share their knowledge. My views on so many things has changed because of ASDT. I truly believe in what this company stands for and what they are achieving. I know I would not be who I am if I had never met Jenn at the Ogden Marathon Expo. I always feel more confident in who I am after coming back from a meet-up.”
- I love ASDT, Malinda
Our hope for anyone who reads this, is that you'll join us on the ASDT journey! And hopefully, we will find ourselves in your area soon, wherever that may be! We appreciate all of the love and support we receive from this amazing community and can’t wait to grow this platform with you!