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Have you ever imagined yourself backpacking into the Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River Range? Or how about exploring the famous Sawtooths found in Central Idaho? Have you told yourself, that one day you would hike through the giant slot canyons of the southwest, or perhaps join a yurt-to-yurt ski touring team in the La Sal Mountains? Or how about finally learning how to surf in a place like Costa Rica, or for once taking that climbing trip to the desert with all the other lady crushers? And how about being a bit ballsy and taking on a river wave SUP style? Being confident to do all of these things, having beforehand received the one-on-one coaching necessary to accomplish your rad goal...These are only a few of the retreats we will be offering through the ASDT platform! 

Above Photo Credit: Jeremy Lato

There’s nothing closer to honest worthwhile therapy than being outside in the wilds of our beautiful world. Allowing ourselves to push our limits mentally, physically and even spiritually can create a life-changing experience for all of us. We find this especially true when done with other women who are equally hungry for similar challenges in the outdoors. Giving ourselves the actual time and focus to strengthen our entire self, can sometimes be the very difference we've been looking for!

Our ASDT Ambassadorship has teamed up with a number of experienced outfitters and guides to create these unforgettable excursions created for women, by women. These one of a kind retreats have room for up to 15 ladies, and have been created to take our participants to much more remote locations. We encourage all skill levels to give yourself a trip that will push you, teach you, and leave you aching for more! (Keep Reading Below)


Each retreat is customized according to the specific excursion being attended. All participants will be in direct contact with the ambassador/guide a good time in advance, and will be given every bit of information before departure on their retreat. We have already launched the first of our retreat line up, take a look at our calendar for details. Below are Retreats that will be found on our calendar this coming year.

Fly Fishing | Back Packing | River Surfing | Yurt/Ski Touring | Canyoneering | Horse Packing | MTB Bike Packing | Climbing