The Lady Wild Film Fest (LWFF) is a one-night gathering in Ogden, Utah (for ladies, gents, & kiddos) that showcases a variety of films from all over the world with strong female leads or characters. The purpose of this festival is to rally around women in film who are pushing the boundaries of understanding, adventure, and sisterhood in their daily lives.

Our community is very important to us, and we are proud to be able to showcase a variety of films that cater to each age demographic and interest. Not only do the films we select feature women in the outdoors, they also share heart warming messages, create adrenaline rushes and deep belly laughs. Each film is chosen carefully to ensure that our festival is appropriate for all ages to make it an enjoyable evening for all who attend.

Doors Open 5:30PM, Grab your seat, purchase food & drinks from local favorites and enjoy eating in our food area inside. Daily Rise Coffee Ogden & Crepes!!

Film Festival will begin at 6:30pm with an intermission and raffle!

Please note that we are only selling tickets for half capacity to offer plenty of space for social distancing between parties. If we meet our capacity for online ticket sales, we will not be selling tickets at the door at the night of the event