Be S'more Social & Early Check In


Thursday July 28th/Aug 11th 6:00PM - 8PM Early Check In followed by


We are happy to continue our Be S'more Social Thursday night of the Rendezvous. If you decide to purchase this $20 add-on, you will be able to join a day early, get checked in, set up your camp, and hang with all of us to answer any last minute questions you might have. We will make sure you have all of your activities ready for the weekend and understand your schedule that you signed up for. This is a great opportunity to meet other participants that traveled solo and looking for new friends just like you! Plan to set up camp, and feel relaxed and not rushed for the next morning activities. If you have any last minute questions, this is a perfect time to ask.  

*We want to make sure those who are checking in early and setting up their gear have plenty of time to arrive and enjoy their early social. If you can't make it to the social, but purchased the early check in, you may still arrive Thursday evening, we will check you in the following morning. We will make sure we are aware of your late arrival.

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