Fall Rendezvous in the Mountains 2018

Welcome! We are so happy you will be joining us for our Fall Rendezvous in the Mountains. We can't wait to meet new faces and see familiar ones as well. We have been improving your experience each time and are always striving to make sure we are doing our very best to make the Rendezvous as enjoyable as possible. Part of our events, is to make these available for all, and to keep them affordable, so you can return and try new locations. We understand that by keeping these events affordable, every amenity you are wishing to have while camping, may not be available. We will do our very best to make sure you have as many needs to keep you smiling. Please refer to this page for our latest information and always remember to join our Facebook Participant group: "ASDT Rendezvous Participant Group" for open discussion leading up to the Roo!


Address to Dancing Moose Farms: 13485 East HWY 39 Huntsville, UT 84317

Where Should I fly into?

Salt Lake City, UT which is 1hr 5 min (57 miles) from camp

How can I find a ride/carpool group?

We encourage carpooling! Parking is limited and can be tight if we all drive solo. Please don't be afraid or hesitant to put your car up for ladies to join or ask to join a host car. We carpool to each activity anyway, so you won't get left behind if you come with a group. If you are planning to drive or need a ride to Huntsville, please use this link below. You can list your car and how many seats you have available, and you can also add yourself to a car if you are needing a ride! Cool right?!


Need a place to stay before or after the Roo?

We have partnered with Best Western Plus High Country Inn here in Ogden. They have given our participants a great price on room prices, only $60 +tax per night. Please call (801)394-9474 to make your reservations and mention that you are attending the ASDT Fall Rendezvous and ask for the discount. 


What should I Pack?

Gear: Tent | sleeping pad/mattress | sleeping bag | Headlamp/flashlight | Clothes for activities you wish to participate in | Water hydration pak/water bottle | Bathing suit & Towel | WARM clothes for night and early morning | Journal | Sunscreen | Female products | Yoga Mat | Waterproof jacket so you can still play in the rain if needed | Camping Chair | Bug Spray| Garbage bag for your items | Cash for ASDT Store & Drink Cart

Can I rent Gear?

If we get enough response on this survey, our friends over at Take It All Outfitters said they will travel from California and bring all the items that you may need for up to 50 women, if you are interested in renting gear, please fill out this survey:


Food: All participants are responsible for their breakfast on Saturday morning,  snacks, lunches and drinks. Friday & Sat Dinner & Drinks are provided. *There will be Vegan/ GF options for each evening* You are allowed to bring in alcohol, if you choose to, we just ask that you are responsible and have respect for others at camp. You are responsible for taking any and all garbage cans, bottles, boxes with you on Sunday. Kodiak Cakes is providing an Oatmeal Cup breakfast on Sunday

Water: There are water spigots on the property but they are near the parking lot. We encourage you to bring your own jugs filled. There is plenty of water at Snowbasin Resort which is where we will be on Saturday!

How can I cook my food?
We are not allowing personal campfires on the property due to the many fires that are currently going on. You are allowed to bring your own mini grill, camp stove to cook your items. We encourage you to bring your own cooler to keep your items cold in the heat of the day. Many participant will even bring their own table and pop up to create a little kitchen for them. However, this isn't necessary, you are completely free to bring as much or as little items as you are comfortable with. We don't have to worry about animals getting into your tent, so you are pretty flexible with how much you can bring. 



Hiking - Trail Running - Yoga - Mountain Bike Clinics/Rides - Creative Corner - Slackline - Meditation Workshops - SUP - River Play




How do I join the activities I want?

Please look at the details under each activity below. If you do see a link to sign up next to your activity you wish to choose, please click and sign up for your preference of time. We will always have activities available at camp for those who wish to just relax and enjoy! Please don't feel like you have to be doing something all the time. We have women come who just want to hang out by the river, read a book, and enjoy company! This is your weekend for you to plan however you would like. 

What do I need for each activity?

Trail Run -  Water, Salomon will be providing the shoes, hat (preference)

Hiking -  Water, hydration pack, snacks, hat (preference)

Yoga & Meditation -  Yoga Mat and if you don't have one, just throw down a towel!

Wellness Workshop - Please sign up for our Friday morning workshop HERE ($10 ticket)

Creative Corner - If you would like to bring your own creative works, journal, water colors, please feel free. However, we will have paint to use for rock mandalas at riverside.

pARTy Mobile Paint Class - Join this fun class, led by professional artist Ericka Roundtree and sign up HERE ($20 ticket)

Photo Clinic with Jenn Hardcastle- this is a free clinic, click HERE for more details

Mountain Biking - Please refer to our MTB info page HERE to sign up ($50 clinic/ride)

SUP - Bathing Suit/ Clothes that you don't mind getting wet, water shoes (optional), water, sunscreen, hat (optional) we will provide the SUP's, life jackets, leashes, paddle. This activity is included with your ticket. Please only sign up or ONE time slot. We are hopeful that each participant can enjoy and try this fun activity. If your name is on the rosters more than once, we will take you off the activity. Please be respectful of everyone who wishes to join. 

Friday SUP Sign ups HERE 
Saturday SUP Sign ups HERE
Sunday SUP Sign ups HERE



Thursday Sept 6th 7PM - 10PM

You are allowed to come the evening before if you are driving a long distance and/or flying into Utah. We ask that you come between the hours listed above. If you have a late flight, please let us know prior to arriving. We will not officially check anyone in until Friday morning, this is when you will get your swag bag and goodies! 

Friday Sept 7th 8AM - 10AM

Check in starts 8am Friday, not any earlier and will end at 10am. We will not have service on the actual property. If you are lucky, there are spots that pick up service. If you do need it, there is a road 3 min down that you can get full bars. Please make sure all of your GPS is loaded before you arrive. Google Maps is more accurate than your i-phone maps, i-phone will take you further past our camp. When you see the AndShesDopeToo flag and pop up tents on your right, please pull down into the parking lot. If you come to Causey Road, you have gone too far. 

  • When you arrive to Dancing Moose Farms and enter the ASDT Rendezvous base camp, you will be shown where to park. You can not drive through camp to unload your gear. Please head to the teal ASDT double pop up tent where you will be greeted by members of the ASDT Crew to check in. You will receive your swag bag with the weekend's schedule, participant wristband to be worn all weekend, your event tee and raffle tickets. Please have your waiver printed prior. We will only have a handful available. Once you are checked in, you may bring your gear to check in. 
  • We will have a designated area for those camping in Tent City, sleeping in their vehicle, and general parking lot areas. Set up your gear and meet at the group Rendezvous area at 10 am which is located in the middle of camp for our welcome kick off. Please be prepared to start your first activity immediately after kick off. This means, have your hydration packs filled, snacks packed etc. 

Saturday Check In for Day Only participants

Please arrive no later than 7:30AM to check in as we head to our activities promptly at 8AM. You will need to Park and head over down the path to the Big Teal ASDT Tent in our common area. We will have a crew member assisting your check in and helping you with any questions. Please feel free to bring your chair into the common area as this is where you will be for dinner and guest speakers. 

 What should I know about camp?


    • Water- We have 3 fresh water spigots in our camp that you are able to use anytime. I would suggest bringing empty jugs to fill up at camp and leave at your tent. Some ladies in the past preferred to just bring their one water jugs already filled. 
    • Fire- Due to fire restrictions this time of year in the valley, we will not be able to have individual fires in Tent City. Please plan accordingly your meals to know that we won't have fires for cooking. We will check with the Fire Dept the week of to see if we can have a fire for our evening festivities.
      • Wind- You can never predict the weather. Close up your tent windows every time you're going to head to an off site activity. Please keep track of your garbage and be considerate if wind came through, what items would blow away. Have your name on important gear. We encourage you to make sure EVERYTHING is staked down...bring extra stakes in case the wind bends them. We have had it sprinkle on us so keep in mind all weather. 
      • Trees/Shade- We don't have trees on the property within Tent City. There are trees along the river, but I wouldn't plan on sleeping in a hammock. We will have other shade structures available. 
      • Tables- We will have a community area with all of the tables gathered in one location. If you are wanting to bring a small camping table to keep at your tent, you are free to do so. Otherwise, there won't be tables in Tent City. 
      • Bathrooms- There will be portable potties on site that will be cleaned out Saturday morning. 
      • Showers- We will have 3 Solar showers at camp that are available for use. You will just need to fill from the river and hang up for the next person who will be using them. These may or may not be warm depending how long the water bag has been in the sun. However, we do have a beautiful river that women love to bring biodegradable soap to wash up with. Many women do this during our Fall Roo :)

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      How many women come by themselves?
      More than 60% of the participants come by themselves. If you are feeling un easy because you don't know anyone, please rest assure that you will have an incredible experience whether you are solo or come with friends. The Rendezvous is a welcoming space for any ladies looking for adventure and spending time exploring with like-minded women.

      How do we get to each activity?
      We will be carpooling with everyone to the trail heads. We feel this is a more intimate way of getting to know everyone and a great way to keep our foot print minimal. We will always meet in the common area. You will look for a crew member leading your specific activity that is holding the sign for it. While you wait, make sure you are seeing who is driving and who needs a rid

      What is the average age of the participant?
      We have a range of ages from 22-66. The average age is around 24-35. The magic of ASDT culture is how participants connect on a soulful level through adventure where everyone brings special insights regardless of age.

      Can I bring my dog?
      As much as we love our fur babies, they will need to sit this weekend out. If we allowed for participants to bring their dogs, it would turn into a dog camp! Please be respectful of this, if you bring your dog, we will ask you to leave. 

      Can I bring my own SUP and floatie to Causey Reservoir?
      Yes! You can absolutely play in the Reservoir at anytime during the weekend. It is by law that you are wearing a life jacket. As a participant of our Rendezvous, our permit states that each individual will wear it at all times. You even need to wear one while on your floatie. If we see any participants on the water without a Life Jacket, we will ask you to leave and you may jeopardize our Forest Service permit.

      Do you take CC at the store? No, unfortunately the ASDT Apparel Store is cash only. Please plan accordingly because we will have all of our latest online styles at the Rendezvous available for purchase!

      When will the coffee cart be open?
      The Grounds for Coffee cart will be open each morning and evening for caffeinated and non caffeinated drink purchases. 

      I want to make sure I am giving myself enough time to do each activity, how long does it take to drive to the trail heads?
      We have allocated drive time in the time slots on the schedule. You should keep in mind that it takes 5 min to drive to Causey Reservoir from camp. It takes 25 min to drive to Snowbasin Resort from camp. This is helpful if you are trying to do SUP and a hike at Snowbasin.