MTB at Rendezvous in the Mountains 2018

Welcome to our Fall Rendezvous 2018 Mountain Biking Information Page. If you are interested in participating in the MTB activities at our Rendezvous, please be patient as we are creating a quality program and fun experience for you. We will have bike tickets for purchase in the next couple of weeks that will allow you to join our clinics and group rides. This is going to be separate and not included in the general admission Roo tickets. We are excited to bring you more skills and coaching during this time. 

Sign up and purchase MTB tickets HERE

You will find all of your questions answered for our Rendezvous and we will be continuing to update this page with current news if anything changes. This will make your experience a lot easier as we communicate with you and explain everything about MTB with us in Huntsville. 

We are thrilled to have Liv Cycling with us again as they are our official bike Sponsor for AndShesDopeToo. You will have the opportunity to learn from their crew of Coaches and Ambassadors as you sign up for MTB clinics and join them on group rides on some of our favorite Ogden trails! Liv will also have a limited amount of Demo bikes that will be made available for those wanting to use one for a ride. We would like to have these demos for those flying or those who do not have a bike, to make it easier for them to participate in MTB.



 Schedule Coming Soon!!

If your name is highlighted in any color, it means you are assigned a demo bike (the colors just help us know which size to put you on!). If you are assigned a demo bike, please arrive 45-60 min early to the Liv demo tent to get your bike set up. We will be starting all clinics and rides on time, so if you do not have your bike ready, you might miss out!

Even if you are not using a demo bike, please show up at least 15 min before the scheduled clinic to make a name plate for your bike. For the MTB 201 ride on Friday and ALL rides on Saturday, we will leave the campground at the time listed on the schedule. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to load up your bike and have your gear ready to head to the trail head. If you are using a demo bike, please arrive at least an hour in advance to get it set up. 
If you are using a demo bike, PLEASE make sure to arrive at the Liv Demo tent a full ONE HOUR before your schedule clinic or ride! It takes time to get the bike set up, plus, you will get to make a name plate and chat mountain biking with some rad ladies!
All rides leave from the campsite at the scheduled time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early with your bike and your gear. Please don’t be late! We want to get to spend the most time out on the trails for maximum fun! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring besides my mountain bike? 

1. A lightweight jacket- you never know what the weather will be like in Moab. I keep a lightweight jacket in my pack in case the temperature drops or it starts to rain.

2. A multi-tool- This is a handy dandy little item that has all of the tools to tighten or adjust anything on your bike. You can find one of these at your local bike shop for around $15-20.

3. Tube- Make sure you know whether your bike is set up with tubes or if its tubeless! If you are unsure, take your bike to your local bike shop. While you are there, they can help you to find out what your tire size is and sell you with a tube that will fit. If you are running tubeless, an additional item that is useful that is not pictured is a mini bottle of Stan’s sealant. This can sometimes fix a flat without having to use a tube. Do you know how to fix a flat tire? Your bike shop should be able to show you that as well. It’s always good to know your bike and how to fix common issues out on the trail. We are strong ladies who can fix our bikes, right? If you have any questions on anything bike related at the Rendezvous, come find me! Theresa from Liv Cycling is a great resource for the weekend as well.

4. Hydration pack- This is what you can use to carry all of your stuff! A hydration pack is also nice because you can put a hydration bladder in it and be able to drink while you are riding. Staying hydrated is SUPER important in the desert- make sure you are drinking plenty throughout the day during the Rendezvous!

5. A small pump- You can find one of these at your local bike shop as well. Test it out on your bike to make sure you know how it works before you head out on the trail.

6. Sunglasses- This is a must for the sunny desert. It’s important to be able to see what is on the trail and sunglasses also keep your eyes protected from dust. I like ones that are bike specific because they don’t get fogged up when you start sweating.

7. Hydration bladder- Bring a minimum of 2 liters of water out on the trail with you, preferably 3 liters. Drink, drink, drink!

8. Snacks- Eat throughout the ride to keep your energy up! I like dried fruit and energy bars.

9. Helmet- This is the most important piece of gear for you to bring on a ride! We wear helmets so that we DON’T have to use them, but they are there just in case. Do you have a really old helmet? Invest in a new one. The foam starts to break down after a year or two. Check on the inside of your helmet and there should be a sticker with the date of manufacture. As for which helmet to buy- they all have to pass the same safety standards. The pricier helmets tend to be lighter weight have more air vents to keep your head cool. Try on different ones to find one that fits well and doesn’t hurt your head. Different brands tend to fit different head shapes, so try on a variety to find one that is comfortable.

10. Tire levers- These are to help get your tire off if you have a flat. I like these big plastic ones because they are durable and won’t break if your tire gives you any issues.

How do I know what my riding level is?

Beginner has little to no mountain bike experience, the rider is not comfortable on blue level runs. Blues are steeper, require knowledge of braking, steering and bike handling. If you can’t pump, manual, brake without skidding, front wheel lift, corner quickly, ride technical terrain, the rider is classified as a beginner. 

Intermediate is a wide range, but you are comfortable on terrain that you have to maneuver the bike, and able to get off the ground with the bike that is an intermediate. If you can get your front wheel up, pump, manual, brake effectively, get air  and control the bike, then the rider is an intermediate. 

Advanced is comfortable with everything listed above and likes to ride steep, loose, gnarly trails.   

Why a mini clinic?

Clinic focus is on learning bike handling skills.The skills build on one another, but a solid foundation of the basics is super important. By learning the basic skills one at time, a rider can really focus on one and take the time to learn one skill at a time. Once they start building on one another the skills will be easier to put together.

Are the coaches certified?  

Coaches have certification - PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) Certified and in addition are First Aid certified.

What if there is something I am not comfortable with riding?  

Participation for everything is voluntary. Riders are NOT required to do anything that makes them uncomfortable or is above their skill level. If the coach feels the rider isn't experienced to be in the clinic she signed up for, the coach has the right for the safety of the rider, to send them home. 

Should I bring tools?

If you have a multi-tool, spare tubes and tire irons yes please bring them. Coaches will have tools also. 

Should I use flat pedals or clip ins? 

Flat pedals preferred if you have them. But if you are comfortable with clip in, please arrive with what you are use to riding in.