As an outdoor collective, we have been very fortunate to not only collaborate with great companies, we have been fortunate enough to have them partner with ASDT in providing equipment and gear for our personal use.


Always providing us with solar power for our lazy days we take our office outside. Having the ability to bring mini light weight solar panels, chargers, and lights for all of our outdoor needs. There isn't a trip or place we go that isn't powered by Goal Zero.









Big Agnes is the official gear sponsor for AndShesDopeToo. Every expedition we go on, Every night sky we sleep under is completely supplied by their products. Each tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and light weight chair are customized for women specific adventures and we couldn't be more grateful for their support and items that allow us to #Sleepinthedirt




Being able to have the confidence and ease of mind in clean water can make or break a trip. We have been so grateful for Sawyer filters that allow us to drink without a fear of getting in the way. Their lightweight on the go filtration system allows us to always choose our weight and easy storage.

Did you know that Tentsile has moved it's headquarters to Ogden, Utah? We have enjoyed having a fleet of our own personal tree tents. Not only can you have your tent above water, you can create a village of tree tents for the ultimate hang out!