At Camp Workshops

Join any of our at camp workshops during the Rendezvous weekend that we have scheduled for you. No need to sign up, these are for everyone. You might find yourself needing to kill some time between your next activity but don't want to sit around doing nothing, pull up a chair and listen in for all or however long you wish to attend. These workshops will be located in the common area of camp and listed on your schedule.

Intro to Backpacking

Friday 2:00-3:00pm & Saturday 2:30-3:30pm
Taught by: Jacquie & Amanda King

This is an overview of everything you need to know, and maybe have never even thought of, when it comes to backpacking. You’ll get hands on experience with the amazing sponsor gear ASDT uses for all of our backpacking retreats. Ask the questions you might have that make you nervous in hitting the back country.

We’ll cover:

-How to pack light and what to bring
-How to pack your bag efficiently and balance your gear

-Leave No Trace
-Animal safety
-Eating and cooking in the back country
-Personal safety

Backcountry Cooking

Saturday 4:30pm-5:30pm
Taught by Jacquie & Amanda King

With all the pre-made meal options for the back country, most people don’t look any further when in comes to meal planning for trips. This is a fun, hands on workshop that will help you think outside of the bag (haha) when it comes to backpacking. Healthier, less expensive options are easily available with a little creativity and planning. We will make our favorite meals and let you sample what we're talking about.

Women Who Roadtrip

Sunday 8:00am
Taught by Cheryl Lewis

“Conquering Fears of Traveling Alone and Figuring Out What to Take and Where to Stay and Will I Be Safe or Lonely and How Can I Convince Others (and Myself) To Let Me Go?” is a really long title. 😂 

So many of you are coming to this, your first Roo, alone and are well on your way to conquering these questions. This workshop will cover everything from where to start and what do I do when I'm on the road. Learn from one of our favorite wild spirits and join this workshop.

Write your Heart out

Sunday 10am
Taught by Cheryl Lewis

Why do we let the passions of our heart intimidate us so?? Every day I meet women who have a story they’d love to share, whether it’s their creativity bubbling as fiction or real happenings that deserve a voice. Writing just scares them or they feel inferior! Why is that? Becoming published is sooo much simpler than they fear! Or maybe just spilling your heart onto the page as journaling for your own sanity sounds appealing, but you resist and don’t even know why. THIS IS THE WORKSHOP FOR YOU!

I’ve been in the writing/journalism/book editor field most of my life. Come hang out and let’s talk writing, the publishing world and stories from your ❤️!

*Bring a journal, and a pen

Woodturning Demonstration

Friday 5pm
Taught by Cheryl Lewis

As a woodturner, I chainsaw my own timber from fallen trees and then, using a lathe (something you’ve probably only ever seen if you took shop instead of home ec) and a set of sharp tools, I craft wooden bowls. I love extending the life of each tree to create something that will outlive all of us!!

So I’ll bring a little lathe, plug it in and make some shavings fly. (Think confetti 🎊) I can’t wait to show you how it’s done! What better way to stoke your appetite for dinner than by seeing a foodsafe bowl created?! 😃🥣

(If you’re curious and wanna check out my woodturning world in advance, I’m on Instagram @theUturner)

Fire building 101

Friday 7pm-8pm
Taught by Blake Cason

Fire building can be intimidating if you aren't sure what the basics are in creating the perfect balance for success. But what if you don't have the perfect dry wood, or if the weather was bad in your environment? This workshop will help you learn about simple ways to build fires for play and survival. This workshop will take place before our Friday evening festivities in the common area. You will learn to build fires in the designated fire rings for our guest speakers.

The Story behind AndShesDopeToo

Saturday 12:30pm-1:30pm
Taught by ASDT Founder Jennifer Killian

People often ask how AndShesDopeToo started and who came up with the idea for this all womens outdoor company. Pull up a chair during lunch and enjoy a conversation with AndShesDopetoo owner and founder and learn why Jenn is so protective of the brand and why she loves it so much! Learn the struggles of a grassroots company and growing a family along the way. This workshop is both fun and heartfelt.

Let's Talk El Camino

Saturday 11am-12:00pm
Taught by Charlotte Evans

Hey there, beauties! I’m feeling all kinds of vulnerable, nervous and excited to be sharing my experience walking the Camino de Santiago with you at the Roo! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I took the longest frickin’ walk of my life––570 miles across the North of Spain.🚶🏼‍♀️🇪🇸 It definitely wasn’t glamorous and it was fun only like, 1% of the time (maybe 2%). I had a million minutes of alone time to think about life and what was important to me. I don’t know why it took traveling across the Atlantic for a 30 day suffer-fest to set me straight on some things I’d known all along, but it did and here I am coming to the Roo to talk to you about it (and to warn you against eating paella 🥘 out of a box ever again 😉). I hope you can set some time aside in your busy Roo schedule to come to this workshop! I love you all already and can’t wait to squeeze you! 🤗💚