Mountain Bike Basecamp Park City Retreat

Join us July 10th - 12th, 2020
Available for 10 participants

Imagine riding miles and miles among the Aspen trees on incredible flowy single track. Imagine waking up to camp coffee, fresh bacon, eggs and veggies cooking with incredible views in the background. Imagine the opportunity to spend the day spinning and shredding amazing single track, an afternoon on the water and an evening around a campfire with more incredible food! Park City has some of the world’s best single track and ASDT knows where the goods are. The pictures below are where we plan to ride. Endless views, perfect dirt, wildflowers and smiles for days. The ribbons of dirt that wind through the Aspen trees make our hearts burst! We are so excited to share Park City and what it has to offer with you! We have a jam-packed weekend planned with gourmet food, epic views and lots of mountains!

AndShe'sDopeToo loves the outdoors and we want our guests to have the best outdoor experiences possible. We backpack, hike, rendezvous all with the vision of experiencing what the outdoors has to offer to the fullest. Admiring the stars at night reminds us of how big the world is and how small our space is at the same time. We cherish our land and we want everyone to have the experiences we do in the outdoors!

For us at ASDT Camping and Bikes go together like peanut butter and jelly! Combining Park City trails with great camping and we can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend with rad ladies and AndShe'sDopeToo! Let us take you on a tour of Park City’s finest single track, enjoy gourmet meals around a campfire and fall in love with the Wasatch! This retreat is designed to create a multiple day experience full of incredible single track with professionals to bring your skills and Park City Trail experience to another level! We have great times planned for this weekend and can’t wait to share it with you!

What to expect

We will camp at Jordenelle Lake Friday and Saturday night. Jordanelle has all the amenities, showers, full bathrooms, a lake to dip in the water or bring your SUP for an afternoon float! The camping is 10 minutes from Park City. The campspots are quaint with aspens and shade and parking. We will be cooking from our dutch ovens, have amazing salads of all kinds, be able to cater to vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free and any other needs. We will send a survey out to make sure meals meet our guest preferences!  

We will send out survey's to each participant to make sure each rider is experienced to have an enjoyable time and have the most fun here in Park City.

Intermediate is a wide range, but we will be riding up to 20 miles in one day. The trails are not difficult but you will need trained legs to handle the miles. If you are comfortable on terrain that you have to maneuver the bike, and able to get off the ground with the bike that is an intermediate. If you can get your front wheel up, pump, manual, brake effectively, get air and control the bike, then you will be fine signing up for this retreat.

What's included

What’s included:
-3 day all-inclusive mountain bike retreat
-Osprey hydration bladder to take home
- Osprey MTB day pack to demo
-All meals covered (2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch, 2 Dinner, snacks & drinks)
-Campsite with showers, running water, Goal Zero for power
-Led by Mountain Bike Professional guides and coaches.
-Transportation to and from trails each day
-Tent, Sleeping Bag/Liner/Pad
What's not included:
-Transportation to Jordanelle State Park
-Helmet, shoes, Bike
- Camp Chair

Meet ASDT MTB Directors & Retreat Guides

Joy Patten

Joy started mountain biking in 1995 in the glorious California coastal region of San Luis Obispo, where they have some of the best riding on earth. She started racing cross country in 1999 for Cal Poly Wheelmen. Joy enjoyed the hard work and satisfaction of cross country riding for many years. The fun of riding up the hill was knowing that the sweetest single track was waiting at the top.  

After a while her bike handling skills improved and the descents became a roller coaster ride. Instead of fear she was inspired by challenging terrain. The adrenaline just took over. She gained self confidence knowing there was a gnarly trail out there that she could conquer. The self confidence Joy gained transferred to her everyday life. The confidence helped her realize she could do what she put her mind to.  

Joy started racing downhill in 2005 and has found that to be her calling. The techniques she learned riding cross country for so many years is what made her a solid downhill biker. She took a two-year break from racing to have her son and get him through his first year. In November 2007 Joy started racing again at the expert level. She moved up to PRO in the winter of 2009. Over the years, she has developed many more skills to pass on. It all starts with the right foundation. Joy is PMBIA Level 1 certified and First Aid certified.

Julie Cornelius

Julie lives in Moab, UT and loves mountain biking, nutrition, traveling and being outdoors. She combines her passions by guiding mountain biking and working as a nutrition coach. She loves anything that gets her outdoors but can mostly be found on her mountain bike- shredding local trails, bike packing through the desert or traveling overseas to explore new areas with her bike. In the time that she has been riding bikes, she has seen many women join the sport and the outdoor communities. She is extremely passionate about helping women get into mountain biking and the outdoors. Her favorite rides are taking self proclaimed beginner mountain bikers on a challenging ride and seeing them overcome their fears. She is excited to be a part of the ASDT community and looks forward to helping more women get on bike, into the outdoors, and to also share her passion for nutrition and health.

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What should I bring?

After signing up, you will be sent a detailed welcome packet that will have everything you need to know for a great weekend! Packing lists, weather updates, what to expect, and things we should know about you prior to coming to Park City

How do I know what my riding level is?

Beginner has little to no mountain biking experience; the rider is not comfortable on blue level runs. Blues are steeper, require knowledge of braking, steering and bike handling. If a rider can’t pump, manual, brake without skidding, front wheel lift, corner quickly, or ride technical terrain, the rider is classified as a beginner.

Intermediate is a wide range, but you are comfortable on terrain where you have to maneuver the bike. If you’re able to get off the ground with the bike, consider yourself intermediate. This means getting your front wheel up, pumping, using manual, braking effectively, getting air, and controlling the bike.

Advanced is comfortable with everything listed above and likes to ride steep, loose, and gnarly trails.  

Is bike set up going to be reviewed?

You should already have your bike set up for you, however, if you have a question, we are happy to help!  

Are the coaches certified? 

Yes. Coaches are PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) certified and are certified in First Aid.

What if there is something I am not comfortable with riding? 

Participation for everything is voluntary. Riders are NOT required to do anything that makes them uncomfortable or is above their skill level. If the coach feels the rider isn't experienced to be on the trail, the coach has the right for the safety of the rider to send them home. Each rider will fill out a survey prior to arrival to assess experience.

Should I bring tools?

If you have a multi-tool, spare tubes, and tire irons, please bring them. Coaches will have tools also. 


It is your responsibility to read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation.

Naturally, no one books with the intention of cancelling or postponing their retreat, but unexpected things do happen, so please purchase travel cancellation insurance once you have made your reservation.


If you cancel your trip, AndShesDopeToo does not offer refunds for any reason. A portion of your payment may be used as credit for another retreat to be taken the next calendar year.

Depending on when you cancel, cancellation penalties may apply.

Fees are determined by the following schedule:

  • If you cancel more than 90 days before your retreat start date, 100% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat.
  • If you cancel 89 – 60 days before your retreat start date, 75% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 25% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 59 – 30 days before your retreat start date, 50% of your payment may be applied to another Retreat. You will forfeit 50% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 30 days or less before your retreat start date, you will forfeit your entire payment.

Exceptions to our policy cannot be made for any reason. We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early.


If AndShesDopeToo must cancel a booked retreat date for any reason, you may transfer your full retreat payment to another retreat, or you may request a refund of your payment to us.

AndShesDopeToo is not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.

Day 1 - July 10th

We will start our tour of Park City magic on Friday afternoon at Trailside bike park, dialing in our bikes, playing in the dirt and working on skills. Trailside Bike park has everything we need to get warmed up for the weekend! There are flowy trails, trails with skill building, trails with jumps and perfect berms. We will dial in everyone’s bikes, check out suspension, discuss customizing bike setup for you!

We like to start the weekend this way so that your time is spent enjoying the trails with a smooth ride under your feet. Trailside is an excellent warm up because it lets us push our boundaries in a safe way and have a lot of fun. There are wood features and natural trails. Lots of options to play and a staple in Park City that we want to make sure our guests get time to experience!

Day 2 - July 11th

Saturday after breakfast we will shuttle to a 10,000-foot ridgeline and descend through magical singletrack full of wildflowers, scenic views, and sweet trails. We will ride Park City classics, Pinecone Ridge, Mid-Mountain and Holly’s. After a full day of riding we will head back to camp with an opportunity to play in the water, spend the evening around a campfire eating Dutch oven cooking, drinking beers and enjoying the stars while relaxing.

Day 3 - July 12th

Sunday we will ride the Glenwild Trails. These trails are more Park City classic style and one of the favorites because of the flow and zen you experience on the ride! At the end of the ride is Bob’s Basin Trails and more super fun options to descend back to our vehicles.

Each meal is carefully selected to not only be filled with taste, but healthy and hearty for each pallet. We will send out a survey after you purchase your ticket to make sure we have everything needed for your needs.