Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley

I did this hike for the first time with Taylor and our 8yr old and 4yr old. We hit the trail at 9:45am and it was already warm. I'm glad we all had sunscreen and light breathable clothes. The first 30 min was a good but kicker. We have this hike listed as "All ability". I was 6.5 months pregnant at the time and went at a very easy pace. We had to gain 650 ft of vertical elevation which is going UP. This is a beautiful section and very doable for all participants. But this first section was a good heart pumper! My kids did great and didn't complain. You will want to make sure you have plenty of water! I wasn't going fast, I wasn't trying to race to the top, I was enjoying myself at a healthy pace which is the pace we will go with all of you.

When we got to the top.. it turns FLAT. This is such a beautiful section and the reward of what we hiked is wonderful! We will walk for about 5 min and then hit the Hidden Valley Meadow which is a field of bright mint grass that takes your breath away! We will find a place to hang out and take a break. Please use this time to go off and have some time for yourself :) When we hike down, you will want to just again, not rush and make sure you are placing your feet on strong rocks and be easy on your knees. I wanted to look up the whole time because the La Sal Mountain Range was captivating!!

For those hiking this trail, hydrate before and these ladies will pace themselves too!! Wear a hat and sunscreen as it will be warm.

This is not a difficult hike if you enjoy your surroundings and just take it easy. My cute family did this whole hike with a lunch break in 2 hrs. That again, was going at a 6.5 month pregnant pace with a 4yr and 8yr old. I am so excited for this hike to be on the schedule because it truly has some of the most breathtaking views and has great rewards!! Please don't hesitate if you have any questions. 

Finding the trailhead: From Moab, drive 3 miles south on US 191 and turn right (west) on Angel Rock Road. Drive 2 blocks and turn right on Rimrock Road. Drive to the parking area and trailhead at the road’s end.

Trailhead GPS: N 38 31.896', W 109 31.036'