Big Bend Bouldering

Hi Ladies!

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the Bouldering clinic we will be doing. 😊 Big Bend is the area of Moab where we will be climbing. For those of you that have never been, bouldering is basically climbing free standing boulders without a rope. You can choose to climb whatever height you feel comfortable with. You climb up the boulder then you down climb. There's a pad beneath you and someone spotting you. Sometimes, you can simply walk off the back side of the boulder.

The only gear you need for bouldering is chalk, climbing shoes and a bouldering pad. Our amazing Black Diamond rep, Emily Ziegler is providing us with pads to use and even providing a shoe demo so you can try on some shoes. Thank you Black Diamond! So if you don't have climbing shoes, we have you covered!!

We will go over proper technique, safety tips, and explain all the weird climbing lingo so if this is your first time, don’t worry!

A few suggestions/tips…..

- Wear sunscreen! It gets extremely hot and the boulders get direct sunlight so please protect your skin. 
- Bring lots of water. Its important to stay hydrated
- Bring snacks. The clinic is a few hours so please bring a treat (and one for me hehe jk)
- Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement
- Bring swimsuit or clothes that you do not mind getting wet. And a towel. Last time, it was so hot so we took a dip in the river across from the boulders
- DO NOT CLIMB WET SANDSTONE! If it rains, we will not be able to climb. Sandstone is very porous and will break a lot more easily when wet. Never climb sandstone after a storm. Allow AT LEAST 24 hours to dry
- Pick up after yourself. Nature is our friend. Lets be good to it. Pack out what you pack in.

One of my favorite things about bouldering is how social it is. Unlike route climbing where you are partnered up, bouldering allows people to try things at their own pace. It also allows for so much support and encouragement in a group setting. This is a JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE so please don’t be afraid to face your fears and try something new. There was a time in my life where heights paralyzed me. I still get scared at times but I remind myself that if I wouldn’t have tried it, I never would have realized my love and passion for this sport. I never would have met such an amazing community of people. Some of our biggest accomplishments and joys lie on the other side of our fears.

Can't Wait to meet you all!!

Tiffani Johnson