at Rendezvous 2.0

RVR 2 RVR was inspired by Natali Zollinger and Brittany Parker, two passionate women who consider themselves stewards of the river. They travel around the world providing paddlers with the tools to understand and enjoy their local waterways.

Our clinics are designed with every level of paddler in mind; from beginner to advanced. We take river safety very seriously and will make sure each client has the necessary gear and knowledge before hitting the river. Whether you want to paddle class II or surf some of the worlds best river waves we’ll ensure you reach your paddling goals. Not only do we want to help you build your confidence and skills on the water but we want to encourage conservation efforts to protect the water that we all love so much.

What to Expect?

When you sign up for a RVR 2 RVR experience, you will immediately be put in contact with Natali and Brittany. They will ensure that you have all the needed information to keep you relaxed and comfortable as you prepare for this incredible adventure! These clinics do fill up fast, I recommend you look at the schedule and see which time slot would work best for your weekend adventures. You will be driving to the meet up destination, we recommend you carpool with other participants into Moab to save time and make sure you guys arrive all together to start on time. All of your questions, please contact NataliZollinger@gmail.com 

Check out our Video Recap of the 2017 Cinco De Moab Rendezvous Downriver Experience https://youtu.be/7cSRdb9nasc

What you will learn?

This experience will cover all the basic techniques necessary to navigate Class 1-2 Rivers with confidence.

  • River Gear 101
  • River Education & Safety
  • Strokes Basics
  • Navigating River Currents
  • Paddle tips and techniques from the pros

Who should sign up?

EVERYONE. No experience necessary!

Head on over to www.RVR2RVR.com and click the “ASDT ROO” tab in the upper right hand corner. Once you click it, a page will come up that will prompt a password to get in. The password is “RVR2RVR”. Once you put that password in, it will take you to another page which shows all 4 trips offered. As you can see we are only offering 4 trips this weekend, one trip a day, so gather your friends and sign up before the trips get sold out!

Before you check out, a short form will pop up for you to fill out fill out so we have a better idea of your paddling background and your transportation during the event. So please fill that out to the best of your knowledge. Just a reminder, since we only have a limited amount of slots over the weekend, there are no refunds. Ladies plan out their entire weekend based off of the trips that are offered, and when there’s a cancellation, it’s harder to refill those slots last minute.

If for some reason you need to trade spots for another trip, we could send you emails of the ladies of that trip you’d like to move to and you could contact them directly to see if they would like to trade. It is up to you, not RVR2RVR to do this. We will help where we can, but nothing is guaranteed, so please look through the trip times/dates and plan accordingly BEFORE you purchase the sup trip. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below. We’re so excited to paddle with you all and look forward to this event every year!!

*If you are already an intermediate paddler, we have many tools/tips to help you build more confidence on your board and on the river. We’d love for you to join us too!

Thursday October 10th Friday October 11th Saturday October 12th Sunday October 13th

$150 WhiteWater Trip 10AM - 4:30PM

$85 DownRVR Trip 10AM - 4:30PM

$85 DownRVR Trip 10AM - 4:30PM

$150 WhiteWater Trip 10AM - 4:30PM

What is the difference?

DownRVR is perfect for the person who wants a taste of the river without a huge time commitment. We'll get you on and off with just enough time to cover all the basic techniques and set you up with all the gear/skills necessary to paddle Class 1/2 rivers with confidence.

WhiteWTR is our longest trip of the weekend and the most popular stretch of river to paddle down on the Colorado River. Not only will you get set up with all the best gear/skills to paddle Class 2+, but you will have more time on the water to enjoy with friends (both old and new). We'll take our time since it the last activity of the day, making sure everyone is dialed on the river and confident on their sup before we take-out.

Trip Breakdown

In order for each trip to get the most time on the water we will be leaving LIONS PARK on time. Please be ten minutes early.

  • 0-minute drive to put-in with a quick stop at matrimony springs to fill up water bottles
  • Unload gear/Safety Talk
  • 4-6 mile downriver paddle depending on the trip booked
  • Take-out/load-up (snacks included)
  • 15 min shuttle back to Lions Park

What’s Included:

Sup, Paddle, Leash, PFD (lifejacket), Splash Jackets, Snacks, and Transportation to and from the river from LIONS PARK.  

*For those of you signing up for the Sunday Trip, please pack up your camp and shuttle yourself to LIONS PARK where the trip will depart from.

What to Bring:

  • Water bottle with carabiner
  • Extra change of clothes that stays in the van until after your trip
  • Sandals or shoes that can stay on your feet if you happen to swim
    • We recommend ASTRAL shoes for any on water experience.

Extras we recommend but not require:

  • Gopro or waterproof camera
  • Sunglasses with chums
  • Trucker hat


PACK AND DRESS FOR ANY WEATHER CONDITION! Moab’s weather in the Fall can change at any given time. We don’t know what the weather will be like, so pack for rain or sun. We suggest bringing a wetsuit or rash guard material top/bottom/socks. We have Splash tops for every person just in case it rains.