Trail Descriptions for
Rendezvous 2.0

Aztec Butte/Mesa Arch

This is a moderate double hike that will take you to one of the best known and most photographed points in Canyonlands. Mesa arch is a quick .5 mile hike over a well marked trail to the arch itself. Take in views of the white rim, the La Sals, and Colorado through this amazing arch. Aztec Butte is a 2 mile hike. We’ll walk through a wash, then up slickrock to an Ancestral Puelbloan Granary. If we have fast hikers in the group, we can also hike to the top of Aztec Butte itself to get 360 views of our surrounding area.  

Murphy Point Meditation

This is an overland, 3.6 mile out and back hike. This hike takes you to the edge of Island in the Sky, and allows for amazing views of the White Rim and trails below. Stop along the way for a guided meditation.

Neck Springs Hike

This 5.8 mile hike takes you overland on a historic trail. This loop hike offers very little shade in the Spring/Summer, and is the longest hike we have listed, so it is ranked as difficult. We’ll take in old ranching wells, local flora, as well as cross several (dry) tributaries of the Green River.

Upheaval Dome/Whale Rock

If you’re looking for the true Moab experience, this is the hike for you. Slickrock at its finest. We’ll walk up .5 miles of slick rock to the top of Whale Rock (.5 miles back as well for a total of 1mile) , and take in 360 Views of Canyonlands, Moab, the La Sals, Henrys, and Colorado. After a short shuttle to Upheaval Dome trailhead, well hike to one (.8mi) of two (1.8miles), or both, overlooks (depending on what you ladies feel up to). This again takes you across slickrock to view Upheaval Dome. Varying opinions exists on what caused this geological feature. Is it an impact crater or a salt uplift? You decide. The second view point is accessed via a steep down climb, followed by steep up.

Gemini Bridges (outside the park)

Starting from camp, the route will take us on 4X4 dirt roads to the Gemini Bridge overlook trailhead. This 4 mile round trip will offer a chance to walk on top of some of the best-known natural bridges. Check out the desert around camp on this fun hike.  

4 Arch Canyon (outside the park)

Starting from camp, we’ll hike (or run) 2 miles to explore 4 natural arches located in a cluster. Expect full exposure to the sun on the way out to the arches, but we’ll find relief in the shaded canyon where the arches lie.