2 Hour Wellness Workshops
with Blake Cason

Sometimes you just need a little help finding the room to pivot your direction when it no longer serves you...

Come ready for clarity and actionable insight. Reflective activities, tips, resources, and discussion in a safe place. Facilitator Blake Cason, MS, RYT-200, IWC, is a wellness coach with 12 years of experience helping others find a life they are in love with. Join her and a group of health and wellness seekers and leave with the tools to have a healthier and happier Spring season. These workshops usually sell at $75-$150/person. Blake is so excited to offer them to the incredible ASDT community at a highly discounted price.

“The more women can connect through personal exploration AND getting outside, the better, for
all of us. And Shes Dope Too is the perfect cross-road for this and I am so honored and happy to
step into my expertise while these women step into their strength, together.”

Pivot Wellness is the culmination of years of traveling the world, working in health and wellness, challenge-seeking, passion-finding and personally-developing. If anything has been learned from that journey, it is that the road is never simple, straight, or as expected. It is in this light that I approach integrative life coaching- let's not kid ourselves about its ease and instead, look for ways and means to keep moving toward what you want.  

Mindfulness: Beyond Sitting
Saturday 9AM-11AM

Meditation is almost a cliché these days! Don’t let that deter you- it is simple and timeless.
Whether on the rock, in your office, or in a tough conversation, mindfulness is a powerful key to
less stress and more happiness in your life…

Learn about mindfulness and present moment awareness in action and applied to life. Activity and discussion-based, exploring what mindfulness is, what it feels like when we are not, and how you can add to your life in powerful ways.

We will explore easy ways to understand and practice the skill of mindfulness in your regular, daily life. That way, it can be practiced in any moment without stepping away.

Aligning Your Goals: Have a Life, Still Get After It
Saturday 3PM-5PM

So, you’ve looked around your life and seen some areas for improvement. Maybe you wrote
them down, maybe you read books and got started. Felt great out of the gates, got to work and
saw some changes… and, then… the intention slowly fizzled. Why?

Learn the big differences between simply setting goals and making them part of our lives until
they are completed. Using research-proven tools and techniques, reflect on what is important you
and how to use it to make big leaps in your life. Like a boss.
From climbing to nutrition, relationships to career, this model is applicable to any area of your
life, no matter the process.

Healthy Habits for Work/Play Balance
Sunday 9AM-11AM

With this workshop, learn a simple and effective strategy for maintaining and cultivating your
time, energy, and motivation so you can play alongside your life of real responsibilities.
We all hit after-5 slumps. Explore its causes, ways to prevent, and understand your personal
inspiration for getting after it in the workplace and after.

Using powerfully guided visualization, discussion, and reflection in a safe space, we will connect
with ourselves and others. It does not have to be a slog, discover this crucial component

Blake Cason

Blake is a smile-out-loud kind of lady. Full of passion and joy for life, she lives with openness. Blake has been teaching and coaching for over 12 years now in many capacities. From sexual health communication to meditation to intuitive eating, none of the topics she addresses could be called "easy." Her private practice, Pivot Wellness is so incredible because it connects people who are taking an honest look at their lives, habits, behaviors.... and honesty is hard!

And Blake know about hard things - rock climbing is a driving passion in her life and business and has become a powerful metaphor for her own growth and life-loving.

To Blake, the most important thing about coaching and speaking is helping people help themselves. She meet her students and clients where they are and support their path toward where they want to take their one precious life.

Blake does this successfully based on her years in health and wellness, advanced training and
education, and her personal experiences as a human learning and growing.

Want to learn more about Blake and Pivot Wellness? Check out her site, StartYourPivot.com

  • FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

What is integrative and holistic wellness?

Let’s start first by defining these individual words. Integrative means combining modalities (techniques or fields) or approaching something inclusively. Similarly, holistic means comprehension of the parts as something understandable only through looking at the whole.

Now, wellness may be a term used or over used these days, but allow me to offer a definition: harmony or balance in the entire person. So, to combine those definitions, we can say that integrative and holistic wellness is approaching health by looking at all parts of the human experience (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) utilizing a wide range of fields and techniques to bring about harmony for the whole person.

What is special about Integrative Wellness Coaching?

Coaching in the Integrative Wellness model means I work with clients to shine light on core issues, unconscious habits and perceptions, and baggage like resentment and regret. Applied, my work with clients includes mindfulness, nutritional coaching, yoga, reflection and journaling, while empowering them to make changes in their lives through effective tools, techniques, and specific action plans to live the life you want to live. So, simultaneously working from the outside-in and inside-out. As a team, we will approach your life holistically, looking at the interconnectedness of all areas of your life from your definitions of balance and wellness in each.

Why do people work with an Integrative Wellness Coach?

Simply put, outcomes. Because they want to make changes in your life starting from the root and develop the tools and personal insight to understand how to find balance now and in the future. Because they want lasting positive outcomes derived from their own definitions of balance and wellness. Maybe most importantly, because they want something more for themselves than a mediocre, this-is-fine-enough life.

People work with Integrative Wellness Coaches for all manner of reasons; career dissatisfaction, relationship issues, transitions and loss, spiritual and personal growth, life/work balance… everyone is different and the reasons for seeking coaching, no matter how similar on the surface, are part of a very unique and powerful personal journey.

Does Integrative Wellness Coaching work?

The International Coaching Federation found that:

-       80% of people who work with a coach experience improved self-confidence and work/life balance

-       86% of people who work with a coach make their investment back, if not more

-       96% of people who work with a coach would do so again.

Those statistics say a lot. Yes, coaching works for many people and produces results in incredible ways. And now, allow me to offer a bit of realism: Integrative Wellness coaching works as hard as you do. It is a do-with process, in which we uncover what is holding you back and in what ways, we can work on tools and techniques to move through those barriers and cultivate wellness, and it is up to you to make the moves.

Okay, so you’re a life coach? Or maybe more of a therapist?

Life coaching involves helping a client reach a goal or make a change in their lives through creating a plan and utilizing self-help techniques. So, we can call this an outside-in approach, similar even to nutritional or fitness coaching, tackling an issue from the surface with plans and actions. On the other side of that coin are the various inside-out therapy modalities, which, depending on the practitioner, focus on uncovering the core issues and negative beliefs by talking about them, this is often referred to as counseling.

I am neither of these things singularly, but a combination of aspects of both. Because I have a background in health, nutrition and personal-development I can also coach clients in those fields in a way that is integrative. I work with clients from an action oriented, holistic approach to all body systems (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual).

To explain by way of what I am not, I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist though we can work on those body systems together. I am not a motivator or accountability partner, though I am here to support your journey and co-create actions plans for your success. I am not a mentor, or therapist, or doctor, though in collaborating with these individuals, we can create an effective wellness team for you.