Mountain Biking at the Roo!

Welcome to our Cinco de Moab 2019 Mountain Biking Information Page. We are thrilled that you are interested in possibly signing up for this activity. We understand that Mountain Biking can be intimidating, especially in our adult years. The fears that stop us from trying this sport is at time endless. We want to make sure that your experience with us is unlike anything you have tried before. If you are someone who doesn't have a bike, we have demo bikes on site ready for you to use! If you would like to bring your own bike, that is perfectly okay and we welcome you to bring whatever you are most comfortable with. Our clinics and group rides are created with our #1 goal in mind, give you the best experience which will make you want to continue to learn more and find a love for Mountain Biking. Below you will find a breakdown of the clinics and group rides we offer. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might not find on this page. We have an area to do that as well as our FAQ tab at the very bottom. We can't wait to see the amount of first time riders and those who are seasoned riders join us in Moab as we introduce one of our favorite sports with you!

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MTB Clinics & Group Rides

Friday May 3rd Saturday May 4th Sunday May 5th

MTB 101 Clinic @ Camp

11am - 1:30pm | 12 Max | Demo Bikes Available


Megan Nelson

Angela Bianco

Deb Ray

Britnie Montoya







MTB 201 Group Ride

8:30am - 11:30am | 12 Max


Becky Yoder

Teresa Ruminski

Clare Martin

Kate Josephs

Rosa Gardner

Genevieve Hoffmann

Deb Young

Lindsey Haws

Caitlin Besler


Open Fezzari Demo Day at Camp!


MTB 101 Clinic @ Camp

3:00pm - 5:30pm | 12 Max | Demo Bikes Available


Vaugn Schneider

Renee Gardner

Courtney Hightower

Vicki Lau

Ashley Ringaman

Becky Jorgensen

Krissy Brubaker

Britnie Montoya





MTB 102 Group Ride

9:00am - 12:00pm | 12 Max | Demo Bikes Available


Cathy Wilcox

Angie Brown

Tiffany McPhie

Heather Henry

Maureen Botomon

Chandler Lugaila

Shannan Hull

Jenni Niemann

Jessica West

Justine Formoso

Mallory Lux

Samantha Yudilevich

MTB 102 Group Ride

2:00pm - 5:30pm | 12 Max


Margaret Hutt

Courtney Guymon

Rebecca Earl

Chanelle Lund

Jessica Donnelly

Jill Carlson



MTB 101 Clinic @ Camp

1:00pm - 3:30pm | 12 Max | Demo Bikes Available


Sarah McBee

Shaunette Gillespie

Anna Trujilo

Darcie Repp

Michelle Andrews

Kawe Tolentino



MTB 102 Group Ride

2:00pm - 5:00pm | 12 Max


Camie Christensen

Sarah Schatzman

Alex Lowe

Krista Sadler

Haley Badenhop

Becky Jorgensen

Victoria Clougher

What is MTB 101?

MTB 101 is for those participants who have never been on a bike before. They are 100% new to Mountain Biking and are excited to learn the basics of this new sport. You will begin this clinic getting familiar with your bike, learning how to shift your body positioning while riding, braking, and having a chance to take your bike on some Moab dirt! You will feel absolutely comfortable in this clinic if you are someone who has always wanted to try Mountain Biking but didn't know where to start. Our hope is that after this clinic and group ride, it will light a fire inside and encourage you to look into getting a bike of your own and building confidence to practice and ride on some longer trails! These clinics are led by certified Mountain Bike coaches and guides.

What is MTB 102?

MTB 102 is for participants who have some experience on a Mountain Bike but you are still a new rider or maybe it's been some time since you've been on your bike. You're familiar with how it feels to be on trail, but nervous to do anything adventurous or solo. These participants are women who might have some hesitations of riding because you still have some questions about this sport. You are really interested in learning more about your bike and what it does. You will still take the same clinics as MTB 101 but you will be able to enjoy a different group ride trail and push yourself just a little more. We hope that after your clinic and group ride, you'll want to stick with Mountain Biking and gain confidence. These clinics and rides are led by certified Mountain Bike coahces and guides.

What is MTB 201?

Our MTB 201 group rides are led by certified MTB coaches to ensure you will have the best times on trail. You will be introduced to some of the best riding in Moab located right down the road from camp. You will ride from base camp to the trails and jump on some ultra classics. If you are in a MTB 201 class, this means you are really comfortable on your bike. You aren't afraid of obstacles on the trail, and can maneuver around those you wish to skip. You are use to riding 2-3 hrs and are in physical shape to keep a moderate pace. We won't focus so much on clinics but there will be moments on the trail for teaching opportunities if you wish to take advantage of what your guide is teaching you. Our hope for these groups are that you leave feeling stoked and excited and can't wait to come back and ride this trail again!

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How do I know what my riding level is?

Beginner has little to no mountain bike experience, the rider is not comfortable on blue level runs. Blues are steeper, require knowledge of braking, steering and bike handling. If you can’t pump, manual, brake without skidding, front wheel lift, corner quickly, ride technical terrain, the rider is classified as a beginner.

Intermediate is a wide range, but you are comfortable on terrain that you have to maneuver the bike, and able to get off the ground with the bike that is an intermediate. If you can get your front wheel up, pump, manual, brake effectively, get air and control the bike, then the rider is an intermediate.

Advanced is comfortable with everything listed above and likes to ride steep, loose, gnarly trails.  

Why a mini clinic?

Clinic focus is on learning bike handling skills.The skills build on one another, but a solid foundation of the basics is super important. By learning the basic skills one at time, a rider can really focus on one and take the time to learn one skill at a time. Once they start building on one another the skills will be easier to put together.

Are the coaches certified? 

Coaches have certification - PMBI (Professional Mountain Bike Instructor) Certified and in addition are First Aid certified.

What if there is something I am not comfortable with riding? 

Participation for everything is voluntary. Riders are NOT required to do anything that makes them uncomfortable or is above their skill level. If the coach feels the rider isn't experienced to be in the clinic she signed up for, the coach has the right for the safety of the rider, to send them home.

Should I bring tools?

If you have a multi-tool, spare tubes and tire irons yes please bring them. Coaches will have tools also.

Should I use flat pedals or clip ins?

Flat pedals preferred if you have them.  

I want to sign up for a time slot but I also want to do many other activities. How will I know what time is my clinic/group ride?

After we have received your survey, and your ticket is purchased, we will get you plugged into a clinic/ride. We will let you know before the Official Rendezvous schedule goes out for additional activity sign ups which MTB time slot you are in. This will help you in planning out the remainder of your weekend.

This year, we are partnering with an incredible local company called, Fezzari Bicycles who are located in Lindon, Utah. We were so happy to get a message from a past Rendezvous participant who works with them and put us in touch. We met with them and feel so stoked to have such quality bikes available for those who would like to participate in this portion of our Rendezvous. This company has been the recipient to many awards for their incredible performance in bikes. Each bike is custom built to YOUR body. Which we thought was genius! Each one of us is built different, so why would you buy a women specific bike when you don't have the same measurements as other women? If you get a moment, read about this company and be stoked to have them part of this event!

For those of you who have taken a clinic at the Roo, you know that you will feel comfortable if you have never sat on a bike before, to those who are seasoned riders and can' wait to join a MTB 201 group ride.

Our schedule is just about finished and will post very soon! Please know that these are limited spaces, we bring in additional certified coaches to ensure your safety and experience. This will be a $35 add on.

We will have demo bikes available on site for those who don't have a bike and have always wanted to give Mountain Biking a try. These will be available for our MTB 101 & 102 riders.

We couldn't be more excited to welcome Fezzari Bicycles to the AndShesDopeToo family and have them be available to you!

Julie Cornelius
ASDT Mountain Bike Director

Julie lives in Moab, UT and loves mountain biking, nutrition, traveling and being outdoors. She combines her passions by guiding mountain biking and working as a nutrition coach. She loves anything that gets her outdoors but can mostly be found on her mountain bike- shredding local trails, bike packing through the desert or traveling overseas to explore new areas with her bike. In the time that she has been riding bikes, she has seen many women join the sport and the outdoor communities. She is extremely passionate about helping women get into mountain biking and the outdoors. Her favorite rides are taking self proclaimed beginner mountain bikers on a challenging ride and seeing them overcome their fears. She is excited to be a part of the ASDT community and looks forward to helping more women get on bike, into the outdoors, and to also share her passion for nutrition and health. Julie is ICP Level 1 & 2 certified as well as WFA certified.