Lady Wild Film Festival
Saturday January 11th, 2020
Ogden High School Auditorium

What is the Lady Wild Film Fest?

The Lady Wild Film Fest (LWFF) is a one-night gathering in Ogden, Utah (for ladies, gents, & kiddos) that showcases a variety of films from all over the world with strong female leads or characters. The purpose of this festival is to rally around women in film who are pushing the boundaries of understanding, adventure, and sisterhood in their daily lives.

What type of films do we show?

Our community is very important to us, and we are proud to be able to showcase a variety of films that cater to each age demographic and interest. Not only do the films we select feature women in the outdoors, they also share heart warming messages, create adrenaline rushes and deep belly laughs. Each film is chosen carefully to ensure that our festival is appropriate for all ages to make it an enjoyable evening for all who attend. We are very fortunate to have had great films in the past and excited to see what submissions we receive for future festivals.

Interested in submitting your film for our 2020 Lady Wild Film Fest, please go to our application page HERE

Past films we have featured..

How it Started

What started out as an idea to help fund and produce our very first award-winning film, Moksha, the Lady Wild Film Festival (LWFF) has blossomed into one of the top annual events for the Wasatch front. With the wonderful support of our local Ogden leaders, our venue was nearly filled to capacity and smiles, tears, laughter, and standing ovations were experienced by fans of all ages.

The impact that the LWFF has had on women in our community has been both profound and humbling, as evidenced by numerous texts, emails, cards and letters thanking us for displaying such positive female role models for not only them, but the next rising generation. We now carry the flame that has been ignited and commit to touching our sisters hearts from the Wasatch to the rest of the world.

Becoming a Sponsor

As a sponsor of the Lady Wild Film Festival you will receive festival-wide exposure and interaction with our audience, filmmakers, film professionals, and VIP guests. As a festival sponsor, you are making a vital commitment not only to this event, but to a growing local business that continues to do good for our community. Your sponsorship will ensure that The Lady Wild Film Festival continues to thrive and bring filmmakers and their stories to the northern Wasatch.
Any Questions:
Please contact Festival Director: Jennifer Killian