Climbing & Rappelling
at Rendezvous 2.0

Being able to have a company who believes in our mission is such a wonderful feeling. We have built a community that truly supports women of all abilities and levels and bringing companies on that share this mission means the world. Want to know something even more awesome? Black Diamond will personally be joining us in Moab and bringing their fleet of gear for all of you who have ever wanted to try sport climbing on real rock, and give rappelling a go. We can't wait to get you all signed up and excited about Climbing with some of the best women! You not only will learn about basics in our Climbing 101 clinics, you will be highly entertained with our Climbing crew who will be keeping you all smiles, laughs, and free of any worries for this new sport! You will truly have a great time!!

What is sport climbing and rappelling?

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing is a style of climbing where the first person (lead climber) climbs first, and attaches quickdraws to pre-existing bolts, looping the rope through the quickdraws for protection while ascending the cliff. Sport climbs are often one-pitch climbs where the lead climber then comes back to the ground after fixing the rope to the anchor.

As a beginner, you’ll be Top-roping, this means that the climber establishes an anchor from the top of the climb so that the rope is already in place, rather than leading the route from the bottom. This will be a great way for you to learn to climb without the stress of placing gear.


The idea of rappelling is somewhat similar to lowering in rock climbing. In Lowering, you reach the top of your climb and with the help of a belay partner to assist you (the climber) down the mountain in a controlled manner. Pushing off a surface with your legs, almost like you are slightly jumping down in a vertical fashion. The belay partner slowly and steadily releases rope so that you gradually come down. Now what I described is specific to rock climbing and is called lowering, not rappelling.

There are many similarities in rappelling and rock climbing, However, in rappelling,you will lower yourself down a descent such as a cave, cliff, etc. without the support of another partner. The lowering will be done in a controlled manner while using a friction break device. The friction break device allows the rappelling individual to determine the speed of descent and provides greater control of the rappel.

What to Expect?

When you arrive to the Black Diamond Climbing Wall, you will be greeted by our sign in crew. They will make sure to check you in and get you fitted with the correct size demo shoes, harness and helmet. Each Climbing & Rappelling time slot will be filled with 15 participants. Your guides will go over safety and proper climbing etiquette before you climb or rappel. We will have step stools for those who need to skip the first hold as it is challenging, or give it a try and test your strength! We have made climbing and rappelling fun for all abilities!

Don't forget to join us at our Black Diamond Climbing Q & A Panel during the evening. We will cover all things climbing during this panel, for those who may have questions you would like answered before your session at the Rendezvous, if you are 100% new to climbing, or already 100% your jam, this will be a very fun relaxed forum.