Bouldering & Crack Climbing
Rooted in Adventure

Being able to have a company who believes in our mission is such a wonderful feeling. We have built a community that truly supports women of all abilities and levels and bringing companies on that share this mission means the world. Want to know something even more awesome? Black Diamond will personally be joining us in Moab and bringing their fleet of gear for all of you who have ever wanted to try sport climbing on real rock, and give rappelling a go. We can't wait to get you all signed up and excited about Climbing with some of the best women! You not only will learn about basics in our Climbing 101 clinics, you will be highly entertained with our Climbing crew who will be keeping you all smiles, laughs, and free of any worries for this new sport! You will truly have a great time!!

What is Crack climbing and Bouldering?

Bouldering 101

Black Diamond Bouldering Building Blocks – Breaking Down the Basics Clinic

Spend the morning with the ASDT climbing crew learning the basics of climbing movement and technique. We’ll be spending a few hours wrestling boulders in beautiful Capitol Reef where we can break down the basics needed to learn how to rock climb. We will focus on footwork, hip and body movement, and appropriate hanging positions to conserve your energy and prevent injuries. Open to all abilities.

Crack Climbing 101

Saturday 8AM - 1PM

Black Diamond Sponsored Crack Climbing 101 Clinic

Rock climbing can take many different forms, and here in Capitol Reef the rock is comprised primarily of sandstone with natural fracturing, lending itself to climbable crack systems. This type of climbing, known as crack climbing, will take a completely different set of skills than typical climbing!

Come hang out with us to learn how to make tape gloves, use your body to jam your way up Utah desert cracks, and learn about the gear used to protect yourself when climbing traditional routes (no fixed gear). Open to beginners and pros alike.

What to Expect?

When you arrive to the Black Diamond Tent, you will be greeted by our experienced climbing crew. They will make sure to check you in and get you fitted with the correct size demo shoes, harness and helmet. Each Climbing time slot will be filled with 15 participants. Your guides will go over safety and proper climbing etiquette before you climb. Please be prepared to carpool into the park for this clinic. Bring your buff (face covering), wash your hands before leaving and bring your water and a few snacks with you.

Don't forget to join us at our Black Diamond Climbing Q & A Panel during the evening. We will cover all things climbing during this panel, for those who may have questions you would like answered before your session at the Rendezvous, if you are 100% new to climbing, or already 100% your jam, this will be a very fun relaxed forum.

*Temperatures in Capitol Reef can reach the upper 90sºF (30s°C) during the summer months. Bring plenty of water with you to these clinics.

Afternoon thunderstorms are common in July & August. Sandstone is weak when wet, can flake off easily & be very unpredictable. Our clinics are scheduled for the morning, however, if a rain shower has occurred within 24 hours, our crew may need to make adjustments or cancel the climbing clinic in order to maintain your safety for you & preserve the rock.