2020 Wasatch Mountain Bike Clinics



Clinic #1 - June 6th 9AM-2:30PM - Cornering & Pumping
Clinic #2 - June 16th 9AM-2:30PM - Jumps, Drops & Steep Descents
Clinic #3 - June 20th 9AM-2:30PM - Front Wheel Lifts
All clinics will be held at Trailside Mountain Bike Park, Park City


Every clinic we will do an in-depth section on using Vision, Body Position and Braking.  Vision is more than just looking where you go, it is also about visualization and the techniques to use to developing your vision skills.  Getting this right is the foundation of everything else. Body Position is another extremely important skill, going through this for each clinic will be a part of dialing in the more advanced techniques. Braking is one of the most underrated skills.  Knowing how to optimize your braking will help smooth out your riding. The better your braking skills the faster you can go and take your skills to the next level.  

Pushing your limits takes bravery and looking fear in the eye.  On the mountain bike the best way to do this is in small increments.  First learn the correct technique, build on them and then slowly push your skills after getting comfortable.  For example, we don’t hit a 6 foot drop right off the bat. We learn how to do drops in an area that is safe with no risk so we can dial in the technique and get comfortable with how it feels to be in the air and experience the drop.  Then we build on the technique by conquering small drops around a foot or two. As you get more comfortable on the small drops you can build to medium sized drops and then to big ones. It’s all about progressing safely and having fun at the same time.  

Come join us at one of our clinics for 2020 and really learn how to master mountain biking techniques in a safe, stylish and fun experience!


Clinic #1: Pumping & Cornering

Cornering is by far the hardest skill on a mountain bike.  It is also one of the most fun once done correctly. The cornering clinic will cover all the ins and outs of how to corner.  We will break down how to corner from the simplest body position and build on it. It all starts with a straight line drill, some more drills and soon you will have that bike leaned over like a Pro!  Switchbacks can be frustrating, learning how to do them correctly makes life so much easier! Switchbacks are not the same technique as cornering, but it is close so the two together are a good match.  Those pesky tight switch backs will soon be a thing of the past. Riding a pump track really hones the body position skill! Learning to pump takes a lot of practice. Pumping the bike teaches the rider how to move the bike with the terrain and begins the “bike dance”. This is not necessarily an easy one to learn, but it is a key skill on the bike.  The clinic will be at a pump track so the rider can really learn how to accelerate your bike without EVER pedaling. It is a lot of fun and a great workout!  


Clinic #2: Jumps, Drops & Steep Descents

Jumping is a blast and best learned on tabletops with no risk!  Learning to get comfortable in the air along with specific body position skills makes jumping a lot of fun.  Dropping on a bike is probably the easiest maneuver to master but takes some courage to get over the initial push.  Steep Descents are tricky on your brain. It can be difficult to get your brain to push that “Override” button on what seems to be too steep to conquer.  Body position, vision, and braking skills are all key to successful steep descents. Starting the day getting our Zen on foundation skills will have our mojo ready to conquer some new skills!


Clinic #3: Front Wheel Lifts

Front wheel lift covers Manuals and Wheelies.  A “Manual” is all about getting the front wheel up using the “Manual” technique.  This skill is important when you are going fast descending and you are in a pinch and need to lift the front wheel.  This is a fun and key skill to learn on the bike! The quarter punch is a fun name for what your feet are doing on the pedals to lift the front wheel.  The “quarter punch” is the BEST way to start a wheelie! It is also key when climbing up technical terrain. The quarter punch makes it a lot easier to get up the stair steps and big rocks on those techy Moab trails.  This clinic will have every gal doing wheelies by the end! Rock gardens can be intimidating, knowing how to maneuver through them and picks lines along with the skills to do them is what we will cover in this clinic.