2019 Backpacking Classic - Sawtooths July 25-29 Couples Retreat



This backpacking retreat leads you to the heart of the Sawtooth Mountains located near Stanley, Idaho over high elevation passes, alpine basins and meadows covered with wildflowers, rugged mountains spires towering above pristine lakes, and a sky full of stars. Participants will experience alpine lake swims, river rock slides, crossing streams and experiencing remote areas all to themselves. Participants must be physically capable of carrying a 30-40 pound backpack while hiking 5-10 miles each day. On the last day of the retreat, guests will enjoy soothing their sore muscles in a private natural geothermal hot spring overlooking the mountain range they just spent the past four days in. We are happy to be partnering with Sawtooth Mountain Guides to this beautiful location.

AndShesDopeToo focus's primarily on womens only events. However, the founders wanted to experience these beautiful locations together and once they did, they knew immediately they wanted to add one couples retreat per location to the calendar. There really is something special about going into the backcountry with your significant other. You leave all of the noise behind, noise that typically distracts you from spending quality time together. These new retreats are the perfect time to unplug and connect in the most beautiful locations we could imagine. We limit each retreat to 5 couples and two guides. This allows for numbers to be large enough for a good time, but small enough where we each can have space around our individual camping areas.

For an entire breakdown of this retreat, please refer to our Retreat Page HERE

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