Wasatch Mountain Bike Clinic: Vision, Body Position & Braking #2



Clinic #2

April 6th 1PM - 4PM
East Wilderness Park, Kaysville
(41.0474, -111.9039)

These three skills make the foundation of mountain biking. All other skills build on these three. This clinic will cover how to read the trail and improve overall preparation for riding. The clinic will also cover vision planning on the trail – allows you to physically prepare for the next maneuver, also to correct the bad habit of
staring at the front wheel. Part of this clinic will also cover visualization of mountain biking. What you believe you can do will happen! Vision is the key. This clinic will cover proper body position.

Understanding how to distribute weight on the bike for descending and ascending is very important. We will also cover weighting the pedals and getting comfortable moving the bike around on the trail beneath you. Proper body position is not intuitive and this clinic will cover everything you need to know to help you improve your bike handling skills using body position.

Learning how to use your brakes correctly is super important, this will help you not only control your ride, but also make you faster. Your front brake is your friend, it has 70% of the stopping power and the control when decelerating.

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