2019 Backpacking Classic - Escalante Oct 17-21 Couples Retreat



For a full breakdown of this retreat, please head to our Escalante Retreat page HERE

Join us for our ASDT Southern Utah Backpacking Retreat under the permit of Arizona Outback Adventures! We will be backpacking with an awesome group of couples through the magical and awe-inspiring Escalante Grand-Staircase Monument in the Southern Utah desert. The beautiful Navajo Sandstone canyon walls, the sparkling streams, arches, natural bridge, Fremont Indian pictographs and several waterfalls will make this hike a favorite. Each day we will teach new outdoor skills, cook incredible healthy meals from scratch, physically challenge ourselves exploring a new area, and take time to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment while creating lifelong memories with a community of new friends from all over the country!

Coyote Gulch via Hurricane Wash

This route will cover up 26 miles with very minimal elevation gain. The trail crosses water often, so water shoes are recommended! Participants must be physically capable of carrying a 30-40 pound backpack while hiking 5-7 miles each day.

AndShesDopeToo has teamed up with a number of experienced outfitters and guides to create these unforgettable excursions created just for you. These one of a kind retreats have room for up to 5 couples, and have been created to take our participants to much more remote locations. We encourage all experience levels and ages to attend...so give yourself a trip that will push you, teach you, and leave you aching for more!

AndShesDopeToo focus's primarily on womens only events. However, the founders wanted to experience these beautiful locations together and once they did, they knew immediately they wanted to add one couples retreat per location to the calendar. There really is something special about going into the backcountry with your significant other. You leave all of the noise behind, noise that typically distracts you from spending quality time together. These new retreats are the perfect time to unplug and connect in the most beautiful locations we could imagine. We limit each retreat to 5 couples and two guides. This allows for numbers to be large enough for a good time, but small enough where we each can have space around our individual camping areas.

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