Yoga Life - By Charlotte Evans

by ASDT Official December 01, 2016

The Yoga Life Teacher Training offered by The Yoga Loft. Oh, man. How do I write about this and not gush?  Well, I can't. I can’t help gushing about things I’m passionate about. So, here I go.  

There are a handful of life experiences I've had that have shifted my course drastically. The Yoga Life Teacher Training was one of those experiences. Because of it I have significantly expanded my circle of friends, had the opportunity to be more involved with and serve in the community I live in and I've discovered a stronger sense of who I am by practicing life with more discipline, compassion and mindfulness.

This training was challenging for me in ALL the ways and at first I felt like an unlikely candidate for it. Before I signed up I didn't consider myself "good at yoga" and I wasn't even sure I wanted to teach. On top of those things I knew there was a decent financial investment, time investment and I guessed it would be physically demanding judging by the nature of the studio providing the training. Let it be known, The Yoga Loft does not shy away from offering challenging classes. No, no, no. Let's not be silly. They dive in head first.  Many of the classes at The Yoga Loft give you the opportunity to walk to the edge of where you're comfortable mentally and physically and let you simmer there, and as every other motivational meme on the internet would tell us, in that place of simmering is where we grow the most. This is how I knew this training was the right one for me. I was craving the growth that comes from doing something difficult and different from my usual me.  

This growth is precisely what I got. From the silent meditation retreat at the beginning of the training (think 48 hours of noble silence, meditating for approximately 20 hours, wanting to cry, use all my swear words, laugh, go home early, stay forever, etc.  It was intense, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.) to gathering in a circle for the last time on the last day of training, showing and sharing the most tender places of our hearts with each other. Between these two places, the beginning and the end of training, we learned about asana, breath, anatomy, yoga philosophy, but most importantly for me, mindfulness.  Mindfulness. That was the point.  I guess I knew it all along, but as I've been sitting here writing down blips of thought about my experience from the program, this is what all my thoughts distill down to. Mindfulness was what I was taught to practice.  It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding practices of my life. Challenging because awareness, presence, mindfulness is difficult to do all the time. Rewarding because when I’m the most mindful I’m also the healthiest mind, body and spirit.


Everything is what you make of it. I wanted to make this experience into something transformational. I was ready for that kind of shift in my life. I’ll be forever grateful for the training The Yoga Life program provided for me.

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Much love to all of you!

Charlotte Evans

ASDT Official
ASDT Official


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